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    Exploring Upcoming Streamers

    With streaming growing in popularity, not only live-streaming games but in real life events, there is no surprise that you may feel a little lost and intimidated. When going onto a website like twitch, and feeling bombarded with the hundreds…

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    How Has Gaming Positively Impacted...

    Gaming has always had some sort of stigma surrounding it, whether it be the fact that some people consider it an anti-social activity; others feeling it isn’t exactly healthy. There is no doubt in the past that gaming has been…

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    How To Make Your Stream Look Profe...

    Streaming is growing at a rapid rate, with more and more gamers wanting to share their experiences with an audience. There is no surprise that sites like Twitch are becoming multiplatform giants in the gaming world. Whether your goal is…


Whether you’re winning the world cup, leading your league or just want to humiliate your friends on the new Volta street mode. Dart Frog is the place to come to get your fix. With tournaments, events and even an official Fifa 20 league, we are working with all your favourite partners to create your one stop shop for all your Fifa 20 needs. Get in touch, sign up, see you on the pitch.