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When you thought you’d heard it all; KFC are teaming up with Activision Call of Duty to hold the KFC Royale, yes you heard right, the KFC Royale. (Not the Chicken Royale)

The tournament prize fund is £50,000 & it features Black Ops 2’s BlackOut Battle Royale mode. Players will make their way through the qualifiers to play with streamers and YouTubers such as; Syndicate, Mini Ladd, Terroriser, Vikkstar and many others in the Grand Final.

Not only is this event running but there is a competition where KFC will be giving away a year’s supply of their product, a limited edition PS4 500 million console and a KFC gaming care package to the people who register for the giveaway.

Qualifiers have already started, it includes playing duo and squad match ups, there are 16 qualifiers that run predominantly from Wednesday to Friday each week until it reaches the grand final on the 24th February. Whoever gets the most kills throughout the 16 qualifiers will progress to the grand finale. Not only this but streamers will keep an eye out for their potential duo partner and also will be streaming their qualifier specific to them. 

Above: KFCgaming announcement video

Image Source: KFCgaming twitter

To keep the players on board and the hype train going KFC created a KFCgaming Twitter account where they not only announce and report on the event but post memes for people to enjoy it is currently at 30,000 followers.

Written by Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer Intern for Dart Frog Gaming

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