A Letter To People Who Do Not Game

Fran Beauchamp by Dart Frog | 0 Comments | April 17, 2019
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Gaming may have not had the best press in the past, and many controversial things may have been said to link gaming to negative in real life events. However, these things are one in a million and can happen when a media is so large.

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When you are young you tend to find something that you gravitate towards, it’s not always sports or the book club or theatre. It can be gaming, and right now we need to normalise this, and not make it have such a negative connotation. Gaming is something that has changed many people’s lives, from esports changing pro players lives, to even have competitions for younger gamers to win live changing sums of money also entering them into the pathway of pro gaming. However, it doesn’t have to be esports for gaming to change your life.
Growing up, in a town and struggling to make friends in person is what many young people struggle with, even now. Gaming is a unique hobby which allows people to interact with others all over the world while playing a video game that they enjoy. This allows people to meet new people, learn about different cultures and just allowing them to experience gaming together. Gaming helps people grow friendships and also lifelong friends. For me I have met some amazing people through gaming, and none of this would have happened if I was restricted in my ability to play video games.

I don’t see a different direction, or a better direction I could have taken if video games didn’t exist. My job, my schooling, my social life all revolves around the digital world. Although, that may seem daunting to some who haven’t experienced this kind of world. It really is not; it allows you to appreciate people more for who they are rather than any other prejudices you may put towards them.
Gaming is an experience, an experience that doesn’t always need to be shared. Whether it’s you sitting alone in a room, exploring the vast landscapes of an open world game. Or playing together in a lobby with some of your closest friends on a multiplayer game. In the end, gaming and Esports can be just as life changing as a normalised hobby. We are not out of touch with reality, we are just open to a lot more realities.

Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

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