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When it comes to the world of video games and streaming both can feel intimidating, overwhelming and just a little scary. Surrounding yourself with the thoughts of how to continue, where to go and who to connect with are struggles and challenges you will face. But how can I sit there and write this you ask? For nearly a year I have been given the opportunity to explore the world of streaming. Through this I have met some amazing people and had some life changing experience. Now having a platform where I can connect and give advice to others I jump at the opportunity to do so. So where to start, this is a little different from a regular interview, but here goes!

‘Hi I’m Jessica, better known as Awokenwarlock(k), I am a streamer as well as a freelance writer, currently working for DartFrogGaming (as you can probably tell!). I am an Instagram ambassador and I run an Overwatch accouns, because I adore the game. I have been playing video games for many many years, starting my journey on the PS1. I thought I’d take this opportunity to write about my streaming experience as well as giving tips on how I grew!’

Above: A streamer setup
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Q: Why did you start streaming?

‘Running an Instagram account for almost 2years of predominately Overwatch content peaked a lot of interest in my skill within the video game. I often made edits and montages to share my experience with others as well as try to make people who view my account laugh and enjoy the content I make. This is where I started to get messages from followers who suggested that I’d give streaming a go. Of course, I was a little hesitant, being filled with anxiety and fear I put it off for months. However, a close friend of mine managed to talk me into streaming, after nearly a year here I am!’

Q: What is key to have within your streamer setup?

‘I’d say a great mic, what you hear and what you see is the first experience you will get from someone’s stream. To me hearing is always the most important as you can still be engaged with a streamer without seeing what they are doing. I often put streams on in the background, while I work or do artwork so a streamer with a bad mic wouldn’t be the most appealing thing for me. There are pretty good professional microphones available for purchase at a reasonable price. Not only this but headset mics are currently getting a lot better quality so even one of them will do the job! Make sure you have a stable internet connection, nothing is more frustrating than watching a stream and it constantly buffering. Although you may not always be able to help your internet connection, you can look at streaming at a lower quality, this will help to reduce buffering. Always be hard wired! Using an Ethernet cable to stream is a must have now! Using Wi-Fi seems to make you encounter a lot more issues in the long run.’

Q: Has there ever been a time where you’ve wanted to stop streaming?

‘You will have good days, you will have bad days but what you need to realise is that the good days will always outweigh the bad when it comes to streaming. Yes you may get the odd troll, but that is just life and you will have to move on from that. Friends and followers will always want to support you and make you feel loved and appreciated. Nothing within streaming has made me rethink becoming a streamer, because I have met some of the most amazing people from doing it. In fact, I wouldn’t be in the job I am today if it wasn’t for streaming!’

Q: What are your tips to grow?

‘I have been asked this numerous times, my answer will always remain the same. Make friends, try to not look at ‘followers’ as just ‘followers’ to me they are friends. They are people I care for, they care for me and I know about their life. People who come into my stream tell me things about their everyday life, like what exams they have soon, a new animal they just got or maybe they are going on holiday. It is then my job to remember about these things that people mention to me, so when they come into the stream again, they know that I remembered about them that I care enough to ask how everything is going. Making someone feel special and not just feel like a number is very important to my streaming ethic. To me I do not consider myself big, but I want to give advice to others who want it.’

Q: What is the best thing to happen to you on stream/ to do with your stream?

‘Many crazy impactful things have occurred on and off stream. I have met some of the most amazing people, and closest friends from streaming people who I couldn’t see my life without now. To me this is very impactful. I got hosted from the Sims channel, I adore the game and have played it since the original Sims released 19 years ago, so to me this was an amazing moment. I met an inspiration of mine during a stream. Being an avid Overwatch player I look up to many streamers and pros of the game. I adore playing Mei, she is so fun to play, and I look up to many streamers who main her. One random day, the best Mei player in the world known as Jardio came into my chat, and I honestly couldn’t believe it. Meeting an idol really did shape how I saw Twitch and its community. I have had some life changing donations, that have not only helped me but have also helped my family. I will be forever thankful for these impactful experiences.’

Q: What motivates you to keep streaming?

‘The community that surrounds me motivates me to keep going, from how much happiness I gain from being able to share my life with others and meet amazing people keeps me going. It is a heartwarming feeling to meet people from across the world, who experience life so differently from you yet share the same love and passion for the community. To make my parents and family proud motivates me too, initially streaming was a questionable hobby to them, they didn’t quite grasp the concept. But moving forward, growing, meeting new people and having new opportunities that come along, changed their mind and they are so proud of me, to me that is a great feeling.’

Q: What advice would you give to someone who has just started streaming?

‘Honestly, I’d say don’t expect a changeover night, things take time and they take effort and energy. Don’t be expecting anyone in your streams to begin with, try and tell friends and family members to join. Any boost of viewers will be enough exposure to let others find you! Try connecting with other streamers and make friends, don’t make your intention to be there just growth. Actually, find streamers you like and take inspiration from them. And finally, be yourself, I know that it’s hard to see someone else do well and you want to imitate that yourself, but eventually people will realise it’s not genuine.’

And that’s my advice and streaming experience, let us know what advice you would give to others!

Or share your best experiences you’ve had while streaming.

Content creator – Jessica Clarke – Dart Frog GG

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