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In the world where we live today streaming services are the biggest thing out there and are only continuing to grow. Having a platform where you can express yourself and share moments with others live is what people find so engaging and unique to streaming. The fact that you can share any moment and have an audience is not only interesting to others but it can build your confidence. Platforms like Twitch and Mixer have grown at a rapid pace, and streaming has become second nature to a lot of people’s lives now whether it be you streaming yourself or watching a stream. Streams have taken away from the isolation of watching a television show or movie alone and made the experience more interactive.

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Today we will be trying to explore the world of streaming, what it means to others and help and advice that can help you not only grow as a person but grow a supportive community too.

What should be my goal when it comes to streaming?
‘Our advice to you is set small goals, so your end goal doesn’t look so daunting. Never make making money a priority when it comes to streaming as it can never be a guarantee. Of course, you can have the end goal of having a career out of it, but realise that it doesn’t happen overnight. Growth can be a goal but make it achievable so the end goal doesn’t look unattainable. Don’t start streaming and expect 100 viewers, then become disappointed when you never get them. Growing a loving, happy and supportive community should always be the main goal of yours when it comes to streaming. No one streaming should completely disregard their viewers, as these are the people helping you achieve your goals. No matter whether it is one supportive person or a thousand, you should appreciate every individual who cares about you and your stream.’
What games should I stream?
‘This is a question that often gets asked, whether it be someone looking to grow or someone who has already achieved their intended goals. It can get a little scary not knowing what to stream, not knowing if your current audience will enjoy the game that you are playing. But just know negative energy can radiate, so if you are not enjoying the game you are playing people who are watching will see that and they won’t want to watch either. Streaming an over-saturated game isn’t all the best way to go about Twitch or Mixer. This is down to the fact that the algorithm doesn’t allow growth in smaller streamers. If you average around 1/2 viewers and you go to stream Fortnite which often has over 200,000 viewers watching this means that you will appear at the bottom of that game category. This means that 1000’s of streamers will appear for you within the game you are playing, making it harder for others to find you. So, streaming a populated game may not help growth in your channel. However, if you enjoy the game and it makes you happy then go for it!’
Do I need to have other social media accounts?
‘Social media is a huge part of growing on Twitch or Mixer or any other streaming service. It enables your community to get to know you more as a person rather than a personality that they see. Having a Twitter or Instagram will help people understand things about you, like where you go, what you do in your free time, foods you like. All of these things make it easier for a person/viewer to grow a personal connection with you. Making a Twitter just to tell your audience when you are live, isn’t really the way to go about running a social media account. You should share experiences, edits or even memes just so it shows another side to you. Discord is also a huge part in growing a community it allows your viewers to not only interact with you but interact with each other, and share their experiences. It also is a great place to tell everyone that you are live now. Social media should never be underestimated by a streamer.’

With streaming it should never be a rush to grow, you should never feel like anyone owes you anything. Try and be happy and stay positive know that over time the more effort you put in and the more time you give to others will be repaid in the future. We hope this advice will help you with your streaming in the future, join the rebellion and help spread positivity in gaming and streaming.

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Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

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