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As we have been talking to a lot of Twitch streamers I thought it would be a good idea to interview not only a Twitch streamer, but a YouTuber and an Instagrammer too! HeroicDescent is an Overwatch player, who I am currently subscribed to on YouTube, and have enjoyed her content for a long time! An introduction to Heroic ‘My name is Nicole Smith; online I usually go by Heroicdescent, and I’m 21 years old from Scotland.’

Above: Heroicdescent’s YouTube channel page

Image Source: YouTube

I wanted to ask Nicole about her time uploading videos and streaming, as well as her interest in Overwatch. As well as, asking about Nicoles opinion on the Overwatch League. Here is what Heroic said in the interview:

 Jessica: ‘What were the reasons you started gaming in the first place?’

Nicole: ‘My dad played a lot of video games when I was younger, such as classics like Tomb Raider, Metal Gear and Resident Evil. I always enjoyed watching others play games but had never found that one game that made me want to try it out for myself – until Overwatch came along. I got introduced to Overwatch through my younger sister Rebecca, who had recently bought it on the PlayStation. After watching her play Overwatch, this sparked a huge interest in me, and my passion for video games blossomed from there.’

Jessica: ‘Why did you start making YouTube and Twitch content?’

Nicole: ‘I started uploading videos to YouTube in December 2017, but only just started streaming on Twitch recently. The first video I uploaded was a montage for Overwatch; which I purely made because I thought it would be fun – and I loved making it. I then started uploading more content on a regular basis, but it was mainly just for my enjoyment. It was a way for me to capture moments and games I played so I could look back on them whenever I pleased. People then started to follow me and enjoy my content, which I never thought would happen. As for my Twitch channel, friends and other supporters of my YouTube channel encouraged me to stream. I thought it would be a cool idea because it gives me a chance to interact with my followers and friends in real time; while also sharing my love for whichever game I’m playing.’

Jessica: ‘What is the purpose of the videos you create on YouTube, and do you feel like they inspire others to create content?’

Nicole: ‘When I first started making videos they didn’t have a set purpose; it was just for fun. Now that people actually watch my videos, I put a lot more thought and effort into them. I want to make videos that people enjoy watching, while also sharing the fun times that I have with my friends and possibly help others for example; with getting better at playing Mercy – a Hero in Overwatch) at the same time. After uploading Overwatch montages on a regular basis, I’ve seen friends of mine making their own montages – and it made me happy to think that I may have inspired them in some way.’

Above: Heroicdescent playing Overwatch

Image Source: Heroics Stream

Jessica: ‘I know you really enjoy Overwatch, how do you feel about the current state of the game?’

Nicole: ‘I love Overwatch and have so much passion for the game; but recently the skins, events, and lore especially have been a little lacklustre. I feel that they may have been putting a lot of focus into the League as of late, rather than the game itself. The toxicity seems to have gotten worse in my opinion, which can be seen the most in Competitive play – and it makes it very hard to actually have a good time while playing.’

Jessica: ‘What is your favourite character in Overwatch and why do you play them/feel connected to them.’

Nicole: ‘My favourite hero in Overwatch is a character called Mercy, who is of the support class for those who don’t know. I feel connected to her because in game she’s all about supporting your team through healing and damage boosting them – while also helping them thrive and making their job easier. I loved the whole design of her character and the idea behind her. I know a lot of people have issues with the old and new resurrect mechanic, but I always loved the idea that you could bring teammates back to life and give them a second chance.’

Jessica: ‘What are your opinions of the Overwatch League?’

Nicole: ‘As I only recently started playing video games myself, I never had a great knowledge of Esports. When the Overwatch League was first announced, I acknowledged the variety of teams and even supported some – but I wouldn’t consider myself a die-hard fan. The games are always played very late here in the UK, so it makes it very hard to keep up and watch consistently, while also having my own things going on.’

Jessica: ‘Do you think the Overwatch League has impacted the game Overwatch itself? (Either in a positive or negative way)’

Nicole: ‘I definitely think that the League has had an impact on the game, as it may bring in new players who are big on Esports – but have never played Overwatch before. I also think a lot of conversation has been derived from the league, where content creators make their own videos and stream based on the matches that are played; discussing things such as team compositions and strategies. While there have been a lot of positives; there are also negatives to go along with that – where a lot of focus and attention has been going into the League, and not the game itself.’

 Jessica: ‘What would be your advice be for helping someone to grow on YouTube?’

Nicole: ‘My first and most important piece of advice I would give to anyone wanting to start on YouTube, is to make content for themselves first; the rest will come after that. It’s all about having a passion for it yourself and enjoying the content you upload. As for growing on YouTube, it requires a LOT of time and effort and you need to be committed to that! Once I started uploading on a set schedule and being consistent, I started to notice my channel grow. I also think it’s really important to make connections and friends within the community that your content is based around.’

Jessica: ‘Who inspires/inspired you to stream and create content for YouTube?’

Nicole: ‘To start with, all of my close friends who make content on YouTube and stream on Twitch inspire me constantly – there’s too many to name, but they all know who they are! I always feel a huge amount of support from everyone, and this is one of my biggest motivations. My main inspirations came from YouTube in the beginning, there’s a lot of different channels that I love and adore; again far too many to name.’

Nicole: ‘As I’ve said above, I make a lot of Overwatch content but recently have been playing some Apex Legends and want to branch out to other games! If you’d be interested in checking me out on YouTube, Twitch, Twitter etc. – you can find me under the username of Heroicdescent.’

It was super interesting talking to a fellow Overwatch player, hearing about Nicoles’ opinion on the game as well as hearing advice about how to grow on YouTube and Twitch. Making content for yourself is some great advice as it means no pressure is put on you and that if you enjoy the content then others will too. Thank you so much to Nicole for taking your time and letting me interview you, it was super fun!

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Written by Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer for Dart Frog Gaming

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