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XQC is probably one of the biggest streamers and gaming personalities on the streaming platform Twitch. He has come a long way since beginning streaming on the platform. XQC became very well known when he grew to be one of the top players in Overwatch. He was well known for his insane main tank play, where he was considered one of the best main tanks in the world with his: Winston, Orisa and Reinhardt gameplay. Of course, he played other heroes, but he became well known for playing these heroes. His behaviour and the way he acted on stream was also the reason his audience grew. He was known for overreacting and being toxic, all of these adjectives were not necessarily true. However, he grew an audience who enjoy his actions and his responses to people.

Above: XQC at the Overwatch World cup playing for Canada
Image Source: Dot Esports

What changed with XQC was the fact that he joined the Dallas Fuel Overwatch League team last year which is a pro Overwatch League team. Many controversies arose from this which lead to him eventually leaving the Dallas Fuel. Some people considered the punishments that XQC received from the League were not necessary. However, XQC leaving the League seemed to have been the best decision he could have made. His viewers have only gone up, usually with streamers that get known from playing another game they usually drop viewers when they switch games. Yet XQC isn’t in that situation at all, infact, he gets consistently more viewers; he used to stream to maybe around 1000 viewer average and now he streams to around 20,000 per stream. Leaving the Overwatch League seemed to be the best decision of XQC life, and seemed to help his mental health more. We will be analysing an interview that XQC made last year understanding his decisions and his goals.

Q: ‘How does XQC feel after leaving the League, where’s your head at how are you feeling?’
Felix: ‘It makes me feel extremely anxious for me not having like a contract or all this structure around me or all these people trying to help me. And with housing, it’s a little scary at times but I’m also very excited for the future. I’m invigorated to see what’s next for me and just produce content and have fun.’
Q: ‘Is it a goal of yours to return to the top level of competition at any point or are you done now?’
Felix: ‘It really depends on how things shape up how good main tanks become and how the scene shapes up really. For me it’s sort of a cycle that it is very hard to obtain because coming back in will be a very tough trial process and all of that stuff so, for now, I am just going to focus on streaming and making some good content really.’
Q: ‘How much of a factor will streaming be when it comes to make decisions in your future?’
Felix: ‘Basically it is a tough decision, it is always difficult because of how difficult it is to grind through and grow the stream. And make it big and stuff. Seeing it go down and losing a large portion of it while practising and playing it is very scary. It’s like you are making a decision every hour of every day. So, when I am scrimming and practising I am losing something and losing people and the opportunity you know to really like make content.’
Q: ‘So, on one hand, you felt like you weren’t doing what you were there to do and also the stream was dying?’
Felix: ‘Absolutely, I was just losing on both ends, it was like the worst decision to be in because I would like to have it one way or another because I worked super hard for both but can settle for one.’
Q: ‘It is reasonable to say you are somewhat controversial, how much of peoples criticisms of you do you think is fair, and do you actually plan on changing some of these patterns of behaviour that have gotten you into these controversial moments?’
Felix: ‘Good question, I 100% can guarantee change in certain types of behaviour that I see myself doing that I don’t like. I will shut those out, but some of the things that they tried to educate me about that I didn’t see as wrong or that were just flat-out wrong, I won’t be cutting those out. Those sort of things like my language I did not understand at all. There are a big portion of comments that are like this guy is so weird and people want certain streamers to be a certain way. I think if I read too many of them then I would subconsciously go into a model people want me to be.’

From what we see from this, it seems that back then and now Felix still feels the same way about the League. He felt like he was being shaped to be this perfect streamer, which as people who know XQC he is far from that. He makes mistakes yet admits to them and tries to improve. He mentioned about doing more things to do with Overwatch and streaming variety once a week. However, right now we see his content driven to more variety I feel this is due to the fact that so much controversy has driven him away from the game, he just wants to play games he enjoys. Knowing and understanding a streamers passion for streaming is so large, is great to see and it is so inspiring to others. We wish the best for Felix and his future.

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Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

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