Anniversary Event Coming Soon

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With the Anniversary event for Overwatch coming nearer and nearer, there is some wild speculation on who will be getting skins as well as what type of skins we will be seeing in the event. To most players, to me included Anniversary has some of the best skins which we have seen in the past two years of Overwatch. You should only expect this as the Anniversary is to represent the release of the game, meaning we should see skins that wow use Every year Blizzard hasn’t managed to let us down yet, and this year should be no exception.

Above: Orisa Forest Spirit Skin
Image Source: PlayOverwatch

Last year the event allowed you to unlock any skin from any previous event that you haven’t managed to unlock yet, as well as you are able to play all the seasonal brawls which include:
⦁ Lucio Ball
⦁ Junkenstein’s Revenge
⦁ Engless Night
⦁ Mei’s Snowball Offensive
⦁ Yeti Hunter
⦁ Uprising
⦁ Retribution

So, this year seems like it will be including all these past events, as well as seeing Storm Rising in the seasonal events too. Of course, we expect more surprises from Blizzard to since the Anniversary is such a special event.

The Anniversary event skins don’t really have a running theme to them, it kind of allows artists that work with Blizzard to let their imagination run wild. This is why we see some amazing skins in Anniversary that include:
⦁ Forest Spirit – Orisa
⦁ Sherlock – McCree
⦁ Bedouin – Pharah
⦁ BeeKeeper – Mei
⦁ Formal – Doomfist
⦁ Graffiti – Tracer

So, join the rebellion and spread hype among the Overwatch community for the Anniversary event. Which we should be seeing in our game within the next few weeks.

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Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

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