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Who remembers the Thanos event from last year in Fortnite? Who absolutely adored the event and wondered why other games haven’t done similar events to this in the past? Who is ready for some more Avengers content to be hitting the Fortnite server?

Fortnite is a game which has a huge player base, the game has been released since 2017 and is continuously growing. So, would it surprise you to hear that Marvel want to join the rebellion and enjoy having a piece of Fortnites exposure. It is surprising how adding a single element of a film to a game can increase the audience of a film by 10 folds. You want to know why? This is because the game appeals to a much different audience an audience that enjoy sitting back involving themselves and experiencing the game for themselves. Not being an outsider in a movie and looking in on what is happening, being part of the experience. But what draws the line, and creates a mix between the two is when you take characters from a film universe and put them into a game like Fortnite, this means that it may encourage people who did not have an interest to see the film want to go and see it. And well, that’s genius in my opinion.

So, there is no surprise right now too hear that there will be another Avengers/Fortnite cross-over releasing soon. End game is a highly anticipated Avengers film, which is looking to break records, however with the help of Epic Games we expect this to greatly increase their chances.

Fortnite tweeted on their Twitter account:

Above: Fortnite Twitter Post

Image Source: Twitter

Although, there isn’t much detail you can 99% be expecting new super hero themed skins, as well as maybe the return of Thanos.

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