Big Nerfs To Destinys Beloved Weapons

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Nerfs in games are pretty regular however they aren’t always what people want to see. Throughout a lot of online games, you see nerfs and buff to weapons especially when they are written about in forums and on reddit. People complain about them being underpowered or overpowered. And today we speak about some weapons in a game that see a lot of changes.

Destiny is an extremely popular game despite all the controversy that surrounds the game it still has a massive player base, and regular updates to the game which keeps people coming back for more. So, seeing some nerfs coming to the game which are considered ridiculously overpowered in the current pvp system there is no surprise.

Above: Luna’s Howl
Image Source: Guardian Assistance

It was announced that Lunas Howl and Not Forgotten would be seeing some nerfs, they are two very powerful hand cannons which has dominated the online battle field since September, when the release of Forsaken came out.

With these hand cannons you can almost guarantee 3 shot kills, which in the Destiny universe is considered quite insane. The nerf will include reducing their effectiveness where the weapons will be part of the 150RPM category, the perk will only increase body shot damage instead of headshot damage.

Personally, games are shambles at times with buffs and nerfs coming in left right and centre however in the end they are made to make the game better. It must be frustrating to get your favourite weapon nerfed however; people will feel like that no matter what weapon they may have chosen to use. With the rebellion we stand for what is right and what is fair, if your skill to where you consider it to be, not needing an overpowered weapon will prove and assert your dominance. However, if you are still finding issue with the nerfs you won’t see them until June.

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Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

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