Can I Have A Career On Twitch?

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Streaming is one of the most popular activities, lifestyles and even careers that has taken over the digital industry by storm. Turning a hobby into an actual career is a lot of peoples dreams and at times it can become challenging and overwhelming to think about. People often feel a lot of self doubt when it comes to turning their hobby into a job, I can’t do this? You have to be special or lucky to achieve that? Which is completely the wrong mentality to have. Anyone can make it in the world of streaming and it could be you!

Above: Path to Partner achievement
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Although with streaming money shouldn’t be your initial reason and determination to continue with it. It is not a bad thing to want streaming to be your career choice. Growing an audience will come with time nothing happens over night. With growing an audience comes the opportunity to make money from your streaming career, but how do I do this?
The two ways that you can make money from Twitch is by becoming Partner or an Affiliate. The requirement to become an Affiliate are much more clearer than becoming a Partner on Twitch.

Affiliate –
⦁ Average 3 Viewers in the past 30 days
⦁ Stream for 12hours in the Past 30 days
⦁ Stream on 7 different days
⦁ Reach 50 followers

To reach the Partner requirements you must reach all the requirements of Affiliate as well as averaging 75 viewers. However, becoming a Partner on Twitch is assessed on a case by case basis. This means that all because you reach the requirements it doesn’t mean that you will be accepted for the Partner program.

‘In what ways can I earn money from being a Partner or Affiliate?’

A: To make money from Twitch it can be made by being subscribed to. For a twitch subscription it cost the customer $4.99, you take from that as the streamer around half or a little less. There a different tier subscriptions if someone subscriptions at a higher tier you will get around half of that too (Tier 2 – $9.99 & Tier 3 $24.99). Other ways for the streamer to make money from Twitch is bits, bits are the equivalent of donations: 100 bits is equivalent $1, 1000 to $10, 10,000 to $100. Streamers can also make money from direct donations, but these do not go through Twitch. Partners can make money through ads however the ad must be watched in its entirety. Sponsors can also be a way streamers can make money however these are also not done through the Twitch app.

‘When will I get paid and how much do I need to earn?’

A: Twitch payouts are a little confusing to begin with if you don’t understand them. You must earn $100 or more by the end of the month; before you can be paid by Twitch. Payments have been made a lot quicker, with Twitch payments it use to be a 45 day wait before the end of the month however, this isn’t the case anymore. Twitch payments are on a 15 day payment for the majority of the money earnt. An example of this is the money you have earnt by July 31st you will be paid on or by the 15th August.

‘Is there any important information I need when filling out the Affiliate process information?’

A: There is quite a bit of information you need including your personal address, tax information: National Insurance number (or the equivalent to that). As well as information to get paid, like your bank information or PayPal information.

‘Is Twitch a sustainable income?’

A: As a streamer, I personally do not consider any money you earn from Twitch as sustainable income. Until you earn a constant amount of money that you can comfortably rely on.

‘Do I have to be a famous streamer to have Twitch as my job?’

A: This is the common misconception that people have when it comes to streamers. Of course never fully rely on Twitch as it is never guaranteed money however people can often make a stable income with Twitch. Having a part time job as well as streaming can help stabilise your income, but you can put time into growing your Twitch channel. An perfect example of a streamer who makes a living off Twitch is TreeBoyDave. He is a popular streamer who averages around 20-30 viewers, he maintains a part time job while streaming the rest of his time, so it definitely is possible.

Earning money on Twitch and having it as your career is possible! However never let it alienate and be your only goal on Twitch. Streaming can help you grow as a person as well as help your confidence and help you to make friends. Money should never be the first thing on your mind when it comes to streaming, yet never let having a career on Twitch be just a dream. Keep your head held high, and keep streaming enable all possibilities.

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Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

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