Can You Guess The Freebies Coming To PS Plus?

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With Sony not making an appearance at E3, it left some players a little downbeat about the news surrounding the PS5 which we may see released as early as next year. We are sure to hear more about the PlayStation in due course, with Sony making an announcement in a different way to the usual E3 event.

Above: Watch Dogs 3
Image Source: PCGamesN

For now, we can get hyped about the coming releases to the PlayStation store which are going to be free this July. With the usual anticipation surrounding the freebies, we will be seeing in July, fans are set in guessing which games they expect to see free on the PlayStation Store.

According to a PlayStation Plus prediction thread on Reddit, players are expecting to see Watch Dogs or Watch Dogs 2 coming to PS Plus. Usually, the free games released are to round some interest about a coming release of a game. With the third instalment of the series coming to the Watch Dogs universe, players are convinced that Ubisoft will allow the game to be released for free on the PS Store to get players anticipated for the latest release.

An indie game which already made an appearance on Xbox Games with Gold is also a crowd favourite to be coming this July. This game being Celeste, we are yet to hear about the latest releases however will keep you posted when we know more.

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