China Banning Poker And Blood In Video Games

Jessica Clarke by Jessica Clarke | 0 Comments | April 29, 2019
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There is a huge controversy when it comes too gambling within games, studies have shown that they become addictive to younger gamers and increase gambling habits as a child progresses in life. Loot boxes are many of the controversies, developers arguing that it isn’t gambling as you don’t lose anything as you are guaranteed something while parents argue that it encourages younger players too gamble more if they do not get the item that they want.

Countries are very split when it comes to gambling, places like the Netherlands banning loot boxes other countries giving their opinion like the US and UK saying they do not break any gambling regulations here as long as the product has ages restrictions.

China’s gaming industry is one of the largest and have finally made some big strides in the rules to games that can be produced for its market. On April 10th, China’s State Administration of Press and Publication, held a conference where it set new guidelines for the publication of games. The number of games that will be allowed to be produced for the market will be significantly less and is now capped. The types of games that aren’t allowed to be developed for the general public anymore are:
– Poker Games
– Games inspired by its imperial pasts such as ‘gongdou’, as the games contain ‘obscene contents and the risk of political metaphor.’
– Gruesome games such as ones which contain, corpses and blood are also going to be rejected.

Smaller developers seemed like the rebellion in this case, needing to rise and make adjustments as they have struggled with the changes that have come to pass over the months. However, with the adjustments in place hopefully the bans on particular content will impact the gaming market in a positive way.

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Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

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