Competitive Changes

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With the latest update to Overwatch it seemed like one of the best updates to come to the game, bringing something new to the game means that it gives players another reason to keep playing compared to getting bored of the game. The Overwatch Workshop will bring a lot, I mean a lot of new game modes for people to try out. This may find gold mines which the developers may choose to recreate the most popular into an arcade game mode.

However, the update hasn’t been for everyone, in fact a big portion of the community are slightly upset with the announcement. As they were looking at the complete opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to the update.

As many people know, the competitive scene of Overwatch is pretty large, a huge portion of the player base actively play competitive. However, not everyone has positive opinions about the game mode. In fact, a lot of players feel like it needs to be readjusted, and looked back into. A few ideas on how to make competitive appeal to the mass playerbase:

⦁ Resetting MMR – this will put everyone around the same rank which will take away boosted players and make the game less toxic.
⦁ Bringing guilds will allow better coordination between teams and help people find others to play with.
⦁ Having separate role queues for each role – tanks, support and damage

These are the movements that I feel Overwatch should take in order to appease the mass player base. Although, the workshop is something new and creative, maybe Blizzard going in the direction of changing competitive will help the game.

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Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

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