Crab Thrown At Hungrybox

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In the world of Esports we see a lot of things happen, a lot of things that may not happen in your everyday sporting events. Imagine working your way through the loser’s bracket in a game, then finally taking the grand prize becoming the champion. Then after all the relief and exciting runs through your veins a crab gets thrown at you. Well this is what happened to the Super Smash Bros. Tournament winner and he wasn’t particularly happy about it, understandably so.

Juan Debiedma, otherwise known as Hungrybox is the Super Smash Bros best Melee player, taking part in Pound 2019 tournament in Maryland he managed to reign victorious taking the crown as the champion there. However, just as he went to congratulate his opponent being a good sportsman and crab landed on the floor near the player.

Hungrybox picked up the crab and exclaimed ‘who threw this at me’, being outraged as it nearly hit his head. Of course, the security managed to find the person in question and remove them from the building. However, this is a little more than blind hatred, it is down to the character that Hungrybox plays within the game.

Above: Hungrybox
Image Source: Twin Galaxies

Hungrybox fighter choice is the Pokémon Jigglypuff, here is an explanation of why this character is a problem and rubs people the wrong way, ‘Alright, so here’s why people hate Jigglypuff. Super Smash Bros. Melee is a game about aggression. You’ll watch Fox slide around the floor and combo opponents at incredible speeds. You’ll see Sheik make impossible manoeuvres around platforms. You’ll see Falcon land these ridiculous, arena-deafening combos before launching his opponent into the stratosphere. Jigglypuff, though? Jigglypuff is different. For starters, she’s defensive. She lets the game come to her. She baits and she punishes. She also has a move called “Rest” that puts other characters in stasis, a mechanic that has tilted more Melee players than any other. All of it combines to make Jigglypuff pretty unpopular. Some would even say a cheesy character. And you know what? That’s exactly why I fell in love with her.’

Cheese characters are in most games, and people like to take full advantage of them, and why not? If everyone has the same opportunity to make take their champion of choice, they have the same opportunity to pick a champion that is apparently a cheese one. We should congratulate people on their achievements and join the rebellion of becoming a Jigglypuff main.

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Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

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