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Home and away games have been a super popular way to watch a sport, so there is no surprise that in Esports it would be just as popular. Wanting to see your favourite team in their home city, just makes watching the game 10 times better. It also seems to uplift the team playing home games as it lifts their morel higher. It also encourages the away team to play better as its beating them on their home turf. So overall the games with home and away games seem to be a lot more competitive. This brings us to the Overwatch League. Previously announced Philidelphia Fusions were creating the Fusions arena for their home games, now its Dallas Fuels turn to take centre stage.

The team announced sometime last year that they would be hosting the very first home game for the Overwatch League, and they didn’t disappoint. The game was hosted in the city of Allen, at the Allen Event Center. Thousands of fans came to wave their flags in support of Dallas Fuel. The team looked to perform well this year with their current roster, however games didn’t turn out to be expected after the first stage. The second stage for the league team seem to be showing some improvements and the home game didn’t disappoint any fans of the Fuel.

Above: Dallas Fuel Logo on cityscape
Image Source: The Game Haus

The popularity of this league hasn’t gone un-noticed and the Esports is only growing larger, it was reported that on Saturday the Allen Event Center was sold out. This proves that no matter where the games may take place, fans will still show up and support the teams they love.

The owner of the Dallas Fuel had this to say “Some sports don’t really have the reach outside of North American. And we certainly have that. It’s a very popular eSport in China, South Korea, Europe,”

We saw teams compete on the weekend of the 27th where Dallas managed to 4 – 0 Los Angeles Valiant and beat Houston Outlaws 3 – 1. With Dallas’ performances being head and tails above their previous games it shows that the team’s spirit of home games boosts their performance.

Becoming part of the Rebellion and joining the adventure of home and away games for the Overwatch League is what we hope to see most of the teams do in the feature. For now, we are sure that at least we have some to look forward to in the future.

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Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

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