Doctors Concern About Pros Health

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With more and more young people becoming interested in Esports it is important to understand about the health implications that it may cause. There is a growing concern which is spreading globally Esports players struggling with injuries. The concern has been raised since the rising amount of colleges and universities are forming their own Esports teams. Doctors are demanding that the schools treat these activities like any other athletes.

Due to the stigma formed around gaming, it seems colleges and universities do not give the same rules or care as it is not like your typical sports. However, doctors are demanding this change, due to how gaming for long periods of time can cause major issues with your mental and physical health.

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Dr. Hallie Zwibel, of the NYIT Centre for Sports Medicine said this, ‘Poor posture can produce exponential forces on your neck, back, shoulder. Eye fatigue is the most commonly reported complaint from these pixelated images that you see when you are playing on a computer. They’re making 500 action moves per minute. So, there’s a lot of high-speed thinking, and I think that fatigues the eyes even further.’
Not only eyestrain and poor posture, but insomnia is a known side effect of a long-time exposure to blue light which is what comes from the screens we use every day. These are all issues that can become extremely serious if they are not look at or even taken as a concern in the long run.

As the growth of Esports becomes less of a taboo, and gaming stops getting such negative press. We can maybe move forward with the Rebellion and help the avid gamers in the world and gaming professionals as well as, support them with their hobby/ interest or their career path. We wouldn’t neglect an athlete in need of medical support, so we shouldn’t neglect people who put in hours upon a day of work to entertain millions of people either.

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Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

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