Doom Eternal Playable In 2019

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The game that started it all, well not really. But I think somewhere deep down inside every one of us there is an emotional connection to Doom and it’s franchise. The announcement of Doom: Eternal at E3 back in 2018 literally got every fan of the franchise heart racing. Searching for updates and constantly sat on the edge of their seat’s just for a leak, a Tweet or just anything to be honest.

Above: Doom Eternal
Image Source: PC Gamer

Doom captures the essence of a video game, a nameless soldier battling demons that have been released from hell, really appeals to the general public. This was the premise of the original doom that hit our consoles back in 1993. Back in 2016, fans were overwhelmed with emotion again when the franchise was rebooted, now comes the 2018 E3 announcement of the direct sequel. To make things ten times better for fans super hyped for the sequel of Doom, there will be an appearance of the game in Europe 2019, at QuakeCon. Not only that, but the game will also be playable at the event too!

What to expect from Doom: Eternal?
⦁ An enhanced Doom slayer
⦁ A host of new demons
⦁ Exploring further than Mars

The game will be available on; PC, PS4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. Although the games actual release date is to be announced, I am sure we will be seeing gameplay of the game quickly uploaded to YouTube after QuakeCon.

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Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

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