DreamHack All Womens Tournament

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Making a name for female players in the Esports world is very important. Seeing the Esports scene male-driven can make it hard to inspire more females to take the steps into becoming a pro. Although the world of Esports is taking strides to ensure equality it still remains that a large portion of the organisation and players are male.

Above: DreamHack
Image Source: SXSW

DreamHack has announced this summer that they will be hosting an all-women Showdown tournament. This is a great step to inspire young women to take their first steps into becoming a pro player. The tournament is to take place during DreamHack Valencia in Spain.

The tournament will be hosted as a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament where eight teams will compete for a $100,000 prize pool. The tournament is set to be held on the 5-7th July. Two invited teams are set to participate then six qualifying teams will also take part. Two teams will compete from Europe, North America and Asia.

In a statement DreamHack AB co-CEO Marcus Lindmark said ‘Inclusivity at our events is a huge part of DreamHack — we aim to be the esports and gaming festival where all groups feel welcome…DreamHack Showdown is a step to help create inspirational moments for aspiring female esports competitors worldwide.’

The vice president of global marketing for Esport-Management Katherine Amoukhteh said ‘In order to reach this vision, we have to start with initiatives that, above all, provide a platform, support, and visibility to all women players.’

The tournament is set to be held in July; at this time we will know more about the outcome.

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Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

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