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With streaming growing in popularity, not only live-streaming games but in real life events, there is no surprise that you may feel a little lost and intimidated. When going onto a website like twitch, and feeling bombarded with the hundreds of thousands of streamers that stream on the site it is okay to feel a little confused with everything. We have decided to put together a guide to help you around the site as well as recommending streamers who put out some amazing content.

Above: Twitch Homepage
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Initially, when you come to the website, you are greeted with the home page. The home page is made up of partnered streamers who are featured on there. To a streamer, this is a huge deal as it gets them a lot of traffic to their stream as well as giving people the opportunity to find them. As well as the featured streamers, there are also recommended streamers these are more aimed at you and what streams you tend to click on and watch! If you scroll down the website, you will see the categories that are recommended to you. These usually are the games that you spend the most time watching and clicking on streams which feature these categories.

The way I found my favourite streamers was through other streamers who raided people or browse > then clicking on the game I want to watch.

Streamers we recommend you check out:

Adventureland – Tanner otherwise known as Adventureland is a variety streamer who often streams some nostalgic games from one of his many consoles. He takes us back to games such as the Orginal Crash Bandicoot, Toy Story, Disney’s Haunted Mansion. He is also a great Overwatch player who ranges around the high masters- to Top 500. Tanner is known for his tank and Mei gameplay. He is an amusing but an educational streamer to watch so if you have any questions about the game Tanner is your guy. If you want to check him out, head over to twitch.tv/Adventureland.

Psychotik_tv – Leo is a streamer who is known for his Destiny gameplay if you are looking for a Destiny streamer who has a hell of a lot of knowledge about the Destiny universe then check him out! He has a vast range of knowledge not only about gameplay but lore about the universe too. He streams the grind of Destiny as well as Raids which are a crucial part to his channel. Unlike other streamers, Leo streams from PlayStation 4 so if you share your love for console gaming head over to twitch.tv/Psychotik_tv.

AlternateAU – Alt is a streamer who has amassed over 1000 followers in the time he has been streaming. He is an Australian streamer (so is a good streamer to watch if you are in that timezone), who plays a variety of games. I mainly watch Alt for his Final Fantasy XIV gameplay it is fascinating for someone to watch who doesn’t have the time to grind the game. He also is known for his tank gameplay in Overwatch, where he is currently trying to grind for the Master rank. He has an awesome personality and is super fun to watch! Go check Alt over at twitch.tv/alternateau.

These are just a few streamers who I recommend checking out. They are all super fun to watch and have their own unique qualities about their streams. There are different types of streamers for everyone’s preference whether you prefer watching someone relaxed and chilled like HollieBB streaming Sims. Or someone more upbeat filled with memes like the famous XQC. Streams are a community that brings a lot of people together, you can meet friends and connect with someone who is playing a video game you love. Try not to just settle for watching the streamers with tons of views, instead go searching for more. Algorithms can be the death of us when it comes to social media, so we have to work our hardest to work around them. If you have any streamers who you love to watch let us know!

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Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

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