Fnatics 19million Dollar Investment

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After the devasting loss that Fnatic faced, there is no surprise that changes are coming in a big way. It was announced that Fnatic has managed to secure $19m in ‘Series A’ funding. Not only this, but the organisation has made some changes to the senior management that the corporation currently had. The investments hope to improve the team by a long run, a large portion of the investments made by Lev Leviev of LVL1 Group, as well as support coming from UK’s Beringea, BlackPine, Unbound and Joi Ito.

Above: Fnatics Esports tournament
Image Source: Rivalry

With the coming investments, the organisation is looking to improve itself in a big way. Not only that, new leadership has also been appointed including:
⦁ AMG F1 CEO Nick Fry (Fnatic chairman)
⦁ Affectv founder Glen Calvert (COO)
⦁ Fnatic founder Sam Mathews (CEO)

Fnatics plans to strengthen it’s involvement in the tier-one leagues, which include the League of Legends Championship, where Fnatics saw a devastating loss recently. New products are making their way which is to include a new audio-line. The organisation is also looking into using the investments in the marketing sector where they are looking to scale up as well as reach brands on a global scale.

Sam Mathews of Fnatics had this to say ‘This is a pivotal moment in the Evolution of Fnatic.’
The plan with the organisation is to grow and become a well-known entity, not only be a driving force on the main stage of Esports.
The team was founded in 2004 by CEO Sam Mathews, the headquarters is based in Shoreditch in London. The team is a world leader in multiple games such as Dota 2, League of Legends Halo and more.
The organisation is looking to invest in the structure of the company helping develop its Asian and North American connections as well as partnering with brands. Hopefully, these investments will help improve the team’s recent troubles in the LoL sector.

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Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

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