Fnatics EU Masters

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When it’s not coming home, unfortunately the UK are out of the running for being victorious in this EU master’s tournament. FNATIC Rising put up an impeccable performance however lost out to SK Gaming Prime. In the League of Legends European Masters SK Gaming Prime (Germany) beat FNATIC by a 2-0 Victory.

Although the loss is disappointing for the UK, FNATIC did put up a great performance in determining game for the Semi Final. Even though Dan managed to claim first blood for Fnatic, the confidence of SK Gaming where head and shoulds above Fnatic and that seemed to have got them the the win. From the roster of the first game being:

⦁ Top: Shikari – Ornn
⦁ Jungle: Dan – Olaf
⦁ Mid: MagiFelix – Akali
⦁ ADC: xMatty – Vayne
⦁ Support: Targamas – Galio
⦁ Top: Sacre – Swain
⦁ Jungle: Phrenic – Jarvan
⦁ Mid: Jenax – Jayce
⦁ ADC: Keduii – Ezreal
⦁ Support: Doss – Tahm Kench

Not only the fans of the team but the casters seemed to be wanting a mix up in the draft after the first game, however this isn’t what came to be Fnatics seemed to be stuck with a similar draft. Maybe looking back on it they would have switched things up a little however it seems that that wasn’t the way the two games panned out leaving SK with the victory.

Although, there is a lot of disappointment from the players and fans, Fnatics shared their congratulations on their Twitter account:

Above: Fnatic Tweet
Image Source: Twitter

Hopefully one day in the future Fnatics can take a win at the EU Masters.

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Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

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