Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers

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The Fortnite World Cup event has to be one of the most anticipated events to happen that links to the game. This is down to the fact that before this there was never really any pro Fortnite tournaments, except for the Fortnite Fridays. However, when Epic Games announced that there would be a Fortnite World Cup players grabbed there gliders and practised their battle strategies ready to try and claim the Victory Royale. Within the tournament there are ten weeks during the qualifiers, five weeks are solo and the other five are duos.

Above: Fortnite World Cup Finals Graphics
Image Source: Fortnite INTEL

With a prize pool so large standing at $30 million, there is no surprise that Pros have taken to practising and taking hours out of their days to qualify for the event.

The format for the duo even is the same each week, with the scoring system being:

⦁ Victory Royale: 10 Points
⦁ 2nd – 5th: 7 Points
⦁ 6th – 10th: 5 Points
⦁ 11th – 15th: 3 Points
⦁ Elimination: 1 Point

Many pros and streamers are looking to stream their qualifier matches, and some currently have been. There is a limit to how many duos will be able to qualify for the event, within different regions there will be a set amount able to qualify the numbers are as follows; Europe 4, NA East 3, NA West 1, however Asia, Brazil and Oceania are unable to qualify during this week.

Who will you be supporting in the Fortnite World Cup?

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Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

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