Full Sail University Esports Arena

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Esports is growing rapidly there is no surprise that educational facilities want to help students learn to nurture their skills also allowing them to compete while giving them good advice and helping them take care of themselves. Full Sail University has announced that it is set to open a Esports arena next month (May)

The goal of opening such a large arena is to show the direction in which the world and education is changing, showing the support towards new hobbies interests and career pathways. The arena is costing around £4.66m with a 500-person capacity while being able to host 100 players at a single time. This is the largest esports arena to open at a university campus in America and will hopefully be a starting point for other universities not just in America but across the world to step forward.

Above: The Fortress
Image Source: Fullsail university

The construction of the facility started last year taking place in June of 2018, however the announcement of what it was formally wasn’t made until October. It seems that the arena has a main focus on the gaming and online world. Where they not only said it was for Esports teams but for live streaming and drone racing.

The director of the project, Sari Kitelyn had this to say “It’s a chance for students to learn hands-on, a place for the community connection to the industry. We were already the home to so many types of esports activities; we wanted to help elevate Central Florida by giving a permanent place to make sure everyone can see and realise it’s the place for esports.”

The new arena will be called The Fortress, the intentions of the arena is to attract professional leagues and to bring tournaments to the arena. Hoping to change people’s opinions of Esports and the current outlook of it. Full Sail plan on hosting national events Esports competitions and more with the rise of Esports.

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Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

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