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It has just been announced that the latest Overwatch event Lunar New Year: The Year of the Pig will come back on the 24th January (today) lasting until 18thFebruary. Not much has been said about the event however we can look at previous hero skins to give us an idea of who will be getting a new one this year.

Above: Lunar New year previous hero skins

Image Sourceplayoverwatch 

As you can see from above these are the heroes who have gotten event skins previously, however Blizzard isn’t shy to giving characters’ multiple event skins. My thoughts are that; Hanzo, Brigitte, Moira, Orisa and Tracer. I know Tracer already has an event skin however I feel like she has been lacking in event skins recently so will receive one this update.

Competitive Capture the Flag

As with most events a new mini competitive game mode comes around – last year it was competitive capture the flag. Hopefully this year it is the same game mode however the developers announced no new event mini modes this year; meaning 2018. This could mean that we will be seeing new event game modes all we can do is wait and see!  

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