Google Stadia Not Having A Beta Test

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The Google Stadia had to be one of biggest announcements made earlier this year. With the gaming service that is said to change the way we see gaming platforms. You’d think Google would look into making it run without hiccups on its release. It is said that there is not going to be a Beta test for the Stadia, you can however pre-order access to the service, which is said to be releasing in November.

Above: Google Stadia
Image Source: Den Of Geek

Google’s vice president, Phil Harrison, said that they have no intentions of running a Beta test for the Stadia, considering the Project Stream tests as the relevant tests needed for the service. In his statement he goes onto say,

“We are not going to do another test in the UK or Europe. If we had time we probably would have done so, but we don’t need to.”

In laymen’s terms it means you won’t be able to try before you buy. Which in our eyes is a little odd considering the Stadia relies on a speedy internet connection and hardware that you will need to fork out for eventually.

Although the Beta test for the Stadia is a no go, we have to admit the future of gaming is looking pretty bright if this service really does work.

What game are you looking forward to be able to play on the Stadia?

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