How Has Gaming Positively Impacted Your Life?

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Gaming has always had some sort of stigma surrounding it, whether it be the fact that some people consider it an anti-social activity; others feeling it isn’t exactly healthy. There is no doubt in the past that gaming has been washed with negativity. However, steps are being taken and others are opening their mind on the impacts of gaming, the positivity that can be taken from this activity.

I feel a lot of people will agree with the fact that gaming has changed their life in some way. You’ve met people through a video game you like or even made lifelong friends. Gaming is something so unique, it allows you to explore worlds and universes; choosing to do that with someone or alone. It opens your mind and lets your imagination run free. Through this, we are looking to explore the positive impacts of gaming and how it has changed people’s lives.

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‘For me, gaming is something so unique, the fact that I can do almost anything in a game is so mind-boggling. Being able to explore different places, different places as humans, aliens, animals or magical beings. It allows you to take a step back from reality and just take a new breath of a different life. Gaming has helped me grow as a person, from being an anxious person to now being able to talk to people in the game and share my experiences with them. Friends who have changed my life I met through gaming I could never see my life without them. People that put a smile on my face every single day, are people who I met through a video game.
Too much negativity is painted around gaming, yet it can change someone’s life for the better and help them through a rough point. I am thankful for the day my parents brought home a PS1.’

To explore the positive impacts of gaming we headed over to Discord to see how video games have impacted some people’s lives.

Laura told us ‘Gaming has a positive Impact on me because I’m not very social and I’m really shy. So, gaming has helped me to make friends through the games I play and has helped me to talk to people. This is because we can talk about the game we are playing and what other games we like. Also, the people who I made friends with have introduced me to their friends. We all play together also it has led me to find a Discord community I feel welcome in.’

Alex responded to Laura’s comment sharing her opinion by saying ‘as above, bringing me closer with my friends and being a great platform to make new ones.’

Other community members gave their opinion of gaming, where Baer said ‘Gaming has had a very big impact on me because a friend of mine moved away like 3 or 2 years ago and we still have contact just because we are playing Destiny. English isn’t my first language however my English got better just because of gaming (I like to play games in English) and it even got me in some great community’s like here and even new friends.’

Gaming seems to not only allow people to develop and blossom as a person but help them through tough situations, Leo told us ‘Gaming has had an amazing impact on my depression that’s for sure. When I game, I feel okay and I feel like I’m completely at ease most of the time. It has helped me make friends and improved my confidence even by a little. I have met some incredible people from around the world and it’s been amazing to hear about their counties and what it’s like in other places. Gaming has changed my life for the better that’s for sure.’

To see how impactful and positive gaming is in people’s lives, it is nice to feel like it isn’t just painted with negativity. I know for sure I wouldn’t have met half of the people I know and love if it wasn’t for gaming. It can help with your confidence, mental health, to meet new people, and even develop languages so never feel like gaming is just a waste of time. Has gaming helped you? Let us know how it has positively impacted you in the comments below!

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Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

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