How To Climb In Competitive Overwatch

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Overwatch is one of the most popular games to date, with the game being out for over 3 years and the casual and competitive aspects of the game still going strong there is no sign that Overwatch is going to die out anytime soon. The reason the game is still popular to date is because of the constant updates to the game as well as new hero releases and patches made to the game. The Esports aspect of Overwatch is also a reason why the game is still popular today. The Overwatch League brings a lot of unique viewers to the game, that may not even play Overwatch themselves. The game has lots of characters which appeal to all different types of players. The playstyle of each character is very unique, so with over 30 heroes in the roster, there is no doubt that you won’t find a character who suits your playstyle. We will be exploring advice and tips and tricks to climb in the skill rating ranking system of Overwatch. Where you can learn how to become a better player.

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Who should I main in Overwatch?
‘This is an age-old question that is asked very often, there are of course characters that are considered to be cheese characters that can easily get your SR. However, these characters will not make you better at the game and as soon as a patch comes along to fix a broken hero you will drop down in skill rating. Maining characters is important, you realistically cannot flex to all 30 characters in the game. What I often tell people is to have one or two mains from different categories. There is a damage, tank and support category. Picking a couple of heroes from these roles to main will really help you focus and get better and rank up instead of trying to play every character. Play characters that fit your playstyle but make sure to try out everyone in quickplay first!’

Does communicating with teammates help you win games, or can I climb without it?
‘Communication with your team is good, don’t get me wrong. However, if you don’t feel like the communication is constructive and benefits you and your mindset in game. Then leaving team chat may benefit you, team chat can also help you find people to play with and combat toxicity that you could potentially come across.’

How do I know when to switch characters?
‘Making the call to switch heroes is something that you need to develop as you play the game for a longer period of time. Understanding when the hero you are playing is working and when it’s not is something that players often find it hard to grasp at first. Counters are something not at all unique to the Overwatch experience as they arise in other games too. You can notice that a hero may directly counter you, which will lead you to make the choice to switch hero. An example of this being Winston VS Reaper, this is a matchup which would cause a lot of issues for the Winston player. This means that eventually trying to counter the Reaper with a Pharah or a long-range hero would help rather than staying on Winston due to the fact he is such a squishy target. It will take time to understand when to switch characters, just know if you think you are underperforming maybe asking advice of a teammate will give you the guidance and answers you may need.’

These are just some tips that we are able to provide when it comes to improving your performance within Overwatch. Realise that it takes time to develop skill, watching VODS and Streams may also help you improve your positioning within a match on a certain hero. But mechanical skill will develop the more and more you play the game. Never feel disheartened, know that your rank doesn’t define you and that you should always strive to improve yourself.

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Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

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