How To Make Your Stream Look Professional

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Streaming is growing at a rapid rate, with more and more gamers wanting to share their experiences with an audience. There is no surprise that sites like Twitch are becoming multiplatform giants in the gaming world. Whether your goal is to grow as a streamer or just share a video game that you love, websites like Twitch and Mixer are really the place to do it. But what is key to growing as a streamer? We are looking to explore the world of streaming, to see what makes a live streamer stand out from the others.
Just looking at a single streaming platforms statistic really shows how popular the activity is.

Twitch stats 2018:
355Billion Minutes Watched
2Million + Unique Monthly Broadcasters
27,000 + Partnered Streamers
15Million + Unique Daily Visitors
50,000 + Affiliate Streamers

These statistics from 2018 show how popular streams and streamers have become. However, with streaming becoming so popular the streaming market will only become more and more saturated. So what can you do to stand head and shoulders above other streamers? We recently spoke about what type of games to stream, keeping active on social media, and interacting with your community. Now we are looking to help you with the physical appearance and brand of your stream!

‘What should my brand be?’

This question is probably one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to streaming. As choosing a brand can be pinnacle to your stream and also to you and your identity. Don’t think of this as completing remaking yourself or putting on a completely different persona. Look at your branding as what you can do to exaggerate your unique qualities within the stream. Take your love for something, or maybe a phrase you say and develop that. A perfect example of a streamer that has taken their love for something and turned it into a brand is, Guaconmysock. Guac otherwise known as Parker, is an affiliate streamer who adores guacamole. He has based his emotes, overlays, panels and his overall aesthetic of his love of guacamole. The look of your stream becomes memorable to the audience when there is a running theme throughout it. Brands can change and develop, so don’t worry too much if you can’t think of an idea however just realise that when you start to grow and potentially want to rebrand not everyone will agree with the changes. This isn’t a decision to be taken lightly, so take time in developing your ideas before setting on one!

Above: Nancy Teeple Artwork
Image Source: @avedral

‘Where should I look for emotes, overlays, panels the whole works?’

Well first of all, if you think that you can potentially make the emotes yourself then go for it. If you have skill in any graphic design software or art software then never bring yourself down, your work will look awesome and be unique to you. If you don’t have access to these types of software, or you don’t have the necessary skills to create them, there is emote artists who create all sorts of artwork for a great price. You can find the majority of emote artist on Twitter, some Discord server have also been created to help customers find artists for Twitch, you’ll just need to search around.

Here is a list of trusted Twitch artists who create top quality work:

@avedral – Nancy Teeple: An emote and portfolio artist (Twitter)
@AwkwardBuns – Emote Artist (Twitter)
@ImDrappi – Emote and Sub Badge Artist (Twitter)

Above are just a couple of emote artists who can get you started in the streaming world, however there are many places you can look for someone to create artwork for you.

‘What if I don’t have the budget for artwork?’

If you have only just started on Twitch and you don’t really have the budget to get custom emotes and artwork don’t fret. There are website’s created to help with panels and designs all for free, although these features won’t be unique to you it is always good to have a professional looking stream. Once you have earned enough or maybe even set a goal on stream to help with paying for artwork, then you can improve your design and quality in the future!

‘Will a professional looking stream get me partnered?’

Of course, it helps to have the professionalism and unique features to your stream, it doesn’t guarantee that you will get partnered. Your stream is to represent you and help you grow, if you put in the time and effort eventually you will see a positive turn around. Don’t let numbers and money distort your view, or you will be left disappointed at the end of it all.

To conclude, having a good-looking stream and features to attract a viewer will always be positive. Never start streaming to expect any real physical object out of it. At the end of the day streaming is to help you grow as a person and achieve success within yourself. Never let wealth and greed taint your view of having a positive impact on someone’s life with your stream. If you have any advice on streaming let us know!

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Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

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