How To Reach Max Light Level In Destiny 2

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Destiny 2 initially released back in 2017, where fans of the game previously were left a little disappointed with the direction the game went in. After the initial game, making strides with The Taken King DLC, fans were hoping Destiny 2 would go in the same direction as the end of the D1 era. However, this was not the case.

Above: Reckoning Armor Destiny 2
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With the release of the Warmind and Osiris DLC, things started to pick up for Destiny 2, however with the long wait for content to keep players wanting to keep grinding is pretty hard especially when they reach the Light level cap. Forsaken released back in 2018, this DLC was one of the most anticipated. Bungie’s plan for this DLC was to tug on everyone’s heartstrings and take away not only one of our favourite Hunters in the game, but take away our favourite Vanguard too. Losing Cayde-6 in this DLC was a debatable move for some, as he added a comedic value that most other characters couldn’t bring to the game.

For around £30.00 more, players could invest in the season pass for the game which meant that players would be receiving updates throughout the year for Destiny 2. This included the Black Armory, which allows you to grind for new weapons as well as Gambit, Gambit is a new PVE mode which mixes elements of PVP too. More lore about the Queen and the Nine also released in the season pass. At the beginning of June, we should be seeing a new update release with the season pass as well as a Light level increase. But for now, we will be sharing with you, activities you can currently do to reach the max Light level of 700:

. Play Gambit
. Play tier 2 or higher Reckoning
. Heroic Daily’s
. Nightfall
. Raids
. Competitive or ranking up the crucible
. Grinding for Exotics

It is important to grind to the highest Light level you can get to before the new DLC releases as it will give you a head start! So, keep grinding Guardian!

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Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

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