How Ubisoft Flipped The Coin On A Tragedy

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A tragedy recently struck when one of Frances most beloved monuments took ablaze the Notre Dame cathedral. It was an upsetting time for many French civilians as well as people who had visited the cathedral. Although, the main structure of the building was lost, and luckily no one was hurt a lot was lost in the fire. However, a well-known French based game developer known as Ubisoft most famous for their game series Assassins Creed, wanted to help in any way they could. Assassins Creed Unity was a 2014 release of the game which received mix reviews at the time, however one thing that the game did do was depict the Notre Dame Cathedral in the game. This gave players a chance to explore the wonderful structure in all its glory.

Above: Notre Dame Assassins Creed Unity
Image Source: Fox News

After the game developers heard of the news of the fire, they quickly announced that they would be making Assassins Creed Unity free to play. This will give not only gamers, but people who had an emotional connection with the building a chance to see the building again, to learn more about the structure as well as the history behind it. Not only did Ubisoft make the game free to download for a period of time, but also donated £500,000 to help with the restoration of the Notre Dame.

It is so inspiring to see the efforts this game developer has put into reserving a piece of its history in anyway it can. Players were astonished by the kindness of Ubisoft and said that it was ‘one of the most beautiful games ever’ while another said they are appreciative of the fact that they got the ‘opportunity to appreciate what Notre Dame used to be.’
We constantly surround ourselves and look towards the negatives, however there is always light that can be found in any situation. All our respects, and best wishes go towards the people affected by the fire as well as the future of the Cathedral.
Ubisoft then finished off by having this to say on Twitter, ‘We are not currently involved in the reconstruction, but we’d of course be more than happy to lend our expertise in any way we can!’

Always try to find the positives even in the worsts of situations, gaming isn’t as bad as some people make it to be and it is our goal to continue to show and spread the love in any way we can.

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Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

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