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The Overwatch League is one of the most popular Esports to date. With hundreds of players making it their goal to become an Overwatch League pro often many are left disappointed and unable to achieve their goal. This is due to how competitive the Esports scene is, organisations want the best of the best players to bring back wins for the teams.

Above: Blasé Boston Uprising
Image Source: Liquipedia

Many players are traded from team to team, so it can be a struggle to keep up with the demand of being a professional player. Imagine joining a team and scrimming with the team, learning each and every member’s playstyle and habits and managing to synergise well together. Then suddenly have this taken away from you when you hear that you will have to join a different team and start again with trying to fit in. This is the kind of experiences and changes that pro players deal with; it can be demanding but wanting to grow and win comes at a cost.

Analysing and seeing pro’s opinions on the game, how to become pro and want makes a great player is something that I am very keen of and I feel like it is interesting to see their point of view of becoming a pro player.

A pro player that we will be looking into an interview of is Blasé, Blasé is a player who currently plays for Boston Uprising. Blasé otherwise known as Jeffrey Tsang is 20-years-old. The primary role which Blasé plays is DPS, his signature heroes being Doomfist, Genji, Junkrat and Brigitte.

Blasé’s career is littered with wins or near wins, although recently placing 5-8th in the Stage One Playoffs in the Overwatch League.

Dignitas recently did an interview with Blasé and I thought it would be interesting to explore the players opinion of the game as well as being a pro player.

Q: ‘What made you decide to pursue a career in professional gaming?’
Blasé: ‘I felt that I had the talent and work ethic to make it. I also had no interest in anything else but professional gaming.’

Q: ‘What was the first ever video game you played and do you feel other game experience has helped your Overwatch play?’
Blasé: ‘The first game I remember playing at a very young age was Halo: Combat Evolved for the PC and that really sparked my interest in PC gaming and FPS’s in general. Prior to Overwatch I played TF2, basically all of my teenage years and competed in ESEA Open and IM. I also had phases of playing DOTA 2 and CSGO which I also think helped in my Overwatch play. I believe you can get something out of any competitive game to help you understand the depth of Overwatch.’

Q: ‘Now that you’ve made it as a pro gamer, what does your schedule look like and what did you have to sacrifice to make it work?’
Blasé: ‘Schedule varies team to team but usually I wake up around noon, practice with the team for 4-6 hours, then relax. One obvious sacrifice is my education, I had 1 semester done in college prior to OWL and I really thought I could make it in OWL so I asked my parents to give me 1 year.’

Q: ‘Which OWL team are you looking forward to competing against this season?’
Blasé: ‘I don’t really have one. It is my first season of OWL so I’m looking forward to playing everyone.’

Q: ‘Is there any Overwatch hero you would like to see more of this OWL season?’
Blasé: ‘ I wish to see fewer GOATS but that’s not happening at least for stage 1. Overall I just hope to see more DPS and comp varieties.’

Q: ‘Do you have a personal favourite OWL player or rival player this season?’
Blasé: ‘Corey as a rival, he is a friend and old teammate. (Editor note: Corey Nigra is a DPS player on Washington Justice, previously having played under Contenders team Gladiators Legion with blasé)’

Q: ‘What would you consider your focus is to help your team improve throughout this OWL season?’
Blasé: ‘Maximize my healing output on brig and to make sure I armour-pack my Reinhardt. In all seriousness, I am a heavy commer (meaning he is a predominant comms users) and have a very large hero pool so I’m going to focus on being the puzzle piece that always fits in what we play while providing the comms we need.’

Q: ‘What advice do you have for players looking to improve on Doomfist in both solo and team play?’
Blasé: ‘Don’t. After doom got nerfed to the ground there is basically 0 reason to play him, even as a troll pick. I’d even say you would get more value out of torb or sym than Doomfist. Hopefully, Blizzard changes something about him so he is playable again.’

Q: ‘What do you plan to do in the future, after OWL?’
Blasé: ‘Probably pursue my education again, if possible, even transition into staff or something esports related, but who knows I’m still 19 and got a lot of time ahead of me.’

It is really interesting to see and understand a Pro players opinion on the game. Seeing what encouraged them to play the game, and games that they played previously. With these interviews, I see that CS: GO has shaped a lot of Pro’s to become who they are today. We also can see that becoming a pro player takes a lot of time and a lot of commitment. 4-6hrs of gaming may seem like a small amount but when it means constantly having your gameplay analysed and you being told what to focus on and improve it can become tiring.

What I also have noticed from these Pro player interviews is that a lot of them are aware of the fact that their career isn’t a lasting thing and that they need to be future proofed. As Blasé said he may look into improving his education. Also, he has considered being on the coaching staff for the team, Blasé being aware this is an option means that he will be able to stay in the Esports industry doing something that he loves, even without being a Pro player. Blasé is only young and has already made a name for himself, we wish him the best of luck in the future and his career with professional gaming.

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Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

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