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Fitness is something that a lot of gamers and streamers often forget to prioritise. Often you can be sat there streaming or gaming for hours and lose track of time, then it reaches a point where you don’t want exercise due to the fact that it’s too late. So, you can get into a routine where you don’t prioritise your physical or mental health. That is why I decided to speak with a streamer called Bwittany, who is widely known for her Just Dance streams. Although she streams other games, I wanted to talk to her about how to keep positive and lead a healthy lifestyle while streaming. Here is what we talked about:

Above: Bwittany

Image Source: Bwittany Twitter

Jessica: ‘What were the reason(s) you got into streaming?’

Bwittany: ‘I discovered the streamer Cuppcaake very soon after getting on Twitch and I fell in love with her community and the bond they all had! So, when I moved away from all my friends and family, I decided to start streaming to not only make friends online, but to help me deal with my social anxiety in my new home. It has blossomed into more than I could have imagined.’

Jessica: Have you always included fitness in your streams or is it something new?

Bwittany: ‘When I started out, I wasn’t planning on including any fitness into my streams, but then after watching LittleSiha for a while, I decided I wanted to include it. I used to love playing just Dance with my mom and I have a lot of theatre experience in my past, so it was an easy addition!’

Jessica: ‘How do you think doing fitness type streams (like Justdance) benefit you and your audience?’

Bwittany: ‘The nice thing about using Just Dance as my fitness, is that it is a ton of fun for both me and my community! It obviously gives the benefit of also forcing some sort of physical activity in my day to day life instead of sitting in a chair for hours. It most definitely helps to lead a healthy lifestyle. Along with fitness, you want to be sure you’re getting the right nutrition. It’s so important for muscle recovery and all-around good health. There have been many times throughout a stream where a viewer has told me watching me has inspired them to get up and join in, or to buy the game themselves. That is such a great feeling, we impact the people watching us more than we know.’

Jessica: ‘Do you have any advice for streamers or gamers struggling with a positive mental attitudes/staying fit?’

Bwittany: ‘First off I’d like to say, it’s not easy. I struggle all the time and it’s important not to beat yourself up about it. If you’re looking to lead a healthier lifestyle, just take it step by step. If you find that you are someone who spends a lot of your day in a chair, take a break every hour and stretch, do some jumping jacks, walk around, just anything to get yourself up off your chair.’

Jessica: ‘What are your tips to leading a healthy life when you invest so much time into streaming/gaming?’

Bwittany: ‘If you’re sitting there and telling yourself that there is no time to care for yourself, stop! Back when I was first trying to be healthier, I found the best way and most successful way of changing your habits is to schedule it into your life. Yes, I mean actually write it down if you have to! If you schedule yourself to always work out at the same time every day, it will make it so much more achievable. If eating healthier is your biggest struggle (it definitely is for me) the best thing to do is to prep ahead. A good start is prepping snacks for those long streaming days. Cut up some veggie sticks for a quick grab and go snack!’

Jessica: ‘What advice do you have for someone wanting to grow a stream based around keeping fit?’

Bwittany: ‘The best way to get started is just to go for it! Depending on what exactly it is you’re looking to do, you may need to prep ahead and write out what you want to include in the stream. It’s also important to be aware of how hard you’re working yourself. So a fitness stream will probably be much shorter than your average stream. My dance streams tend to go for 3-4 hours at max.’

Jessica: ‘Have you ever had any life changing experience when it comes to streaming?’

Bwittany: ‘The biggest life changing experience I’ve had is really the friendships and connections I’ve made with people from all around the world. You meet these people who you never would have met otherwise and they become like family. I’ve also found a community that is crazy supportive and loving. They helped me get a VR which I’m still in shock about!’

Jessica: ‘Anything you want to say about you/ your stream/ your experience in gaming’

Bwittany: ‘I am someone who struggles with butt kicking social anxiety. It’s ruined plenty of things in my life. I feel so grateful that I am able to stream to help me break those barriers and connect with other people online who deal with the same issue.’

It was actually an eye-opening experience to talk to Bwittany as well, knowing that it isn’t just a get up and go change but something that you change overtime, and it’s really okay to have those bad days. Thank you so much for taking part in the interview!  

Twitch: Bwittany

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Written by Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer for Dart Frog Gaming

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