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Fran Beauchamp by Dart Frog | 1 Comment | April 13, 2019
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For this interview I got to speak to a newer streamer MrSully11, who had a lot of issues to do with confidence when he first started streaming, however has made huge progress in the streaming community. He is also an avid Fortnite/Apex Legends player, who is really good at the game, despite what he may say about his skills. He also takes time creating clips for his Instagram account where he has amassed Over 500 followers on there.

Above: MrSully
Image Source: MrSully’s Twitter

Jessica: ‘I know you play(ed) a lot of Fortnite, what are your opinions about the game and the state of it now?’
Sully: ‘I first played Fortnite back when it newly released and not many heard of it but I wasn’t really into it so I stopped playing it back then, but after I got me a pc and the game rose to mass popularity In season 3 I gave it another try and here’s where the addiction started. The game was in an amazing state back then and it was simply really enjoyable to play but unfortunately starting season 5 the game started going downhill for me. New metas and trends in the game appeared almost daily which ruined your experience with the game if you didn’t use the same metas yourself. Not just that but with certain guns being vaulted and others being added to the game sometimes ruined the experience for me as well. Not only the metas are what ruined the game for me but also the developers of the games themselves did. With new vehicles releasing (quads, hamster balls and worst of all planes) the game lost its glory. And to get back to the games state right now, I have to say its went downhill A LOT. Now its just full of no skin tryhards who watch too much Ninja and trying to be like him basically making the game not as enjoyable as before.’
Jessica: ‘Did you think that Apex Legends has affected the player base within Fortnite?’
Sully: ‘Apex Legends was a new addition to the battle royale family which came in its own style and dominated when it first came out having millions of people play it just on release. Apex Legends for sure had its impact on the player base of Fortnite; BUT, regardless of Apex Legend’s huge success as I see it, it still falls under the domination of Fortnite. If you go to Twitch and search different categories you can still see Fortnite on top of that list, where it has been sitting for the past year or so. So as much as Apex Legends gets new players, I don’t see it drastically affecting the player base of Fortnite.’
Jessica: ‘Do you think that Fortnite will ever peak at its popularity again, or do you think that new games have impacted the game too much?’
Sully: ‘Fortnite has never lost its glory to peak at its popularity again. Until this day Fortnite is still the most, or one of the most popular game to ever release. I’ve literally never seen a videogame before to gain such mass popularity and get introduced almost to every single person, whether this person is a gamer or not. It’s going to take so much effort for this game to be buried and I don’t see it going down anytime soon.’
Jessica: ‘What are your opinions about Esports, do you enjoy watching it?’
Sully: ‘I personally love Esports and I really enjoy watching it whenever I get the chance to. Even if it’s a game in not a big fan of, just watching the best of the best battle off and compete with thousands of people watching and hyping up their teams and favorite players brings joy to me and reminds me why I myself became a gamer and the beauty of gaming.’
Jessica: ‘Do you think there is a clear division of gender in Esports, if so why?’
Sully: ‘Division of gender is present everywhere unfortunately, so I would say yes, it’s also present in Esports. Thinking about it right now, I’ve barely seen two girls to be in competitive Esports teams and compete along their fellow male competitors.’
Jessica: ‘If you ever go the chance, would you want to be part of an Esports team?’
Sully: ‘That has actually always been a dream for me. I can get really competitive at times and really enjoy fighting other teams with even greater abilities and skills just to see where I stand compared to these teams, and I still look forward to be part of an Esport team later in the future.’
Jessica: ‘With the different games rising in popularity do you think the content of your social media will change, or will you stick with that one game?’
Sully: ‘My social media content has never been limited to one game and that’s what I made clear when I first started growing my social media because I didn’t want my followers to only expect me to post clips and content of one single game. When I first launched my Instagram account, I was really into Fortnite and the game was its best conditions back then so it might have been branded as a Fortnite account specifically but right now my Fortnite content are much less compared to before.’
Jessica: ‘Why did you start to stream?’
Sully: ‘Showing off my gameplay to people and reaching out to others with similar interests as me has always been something I liked to do when I was younger. Watching famous people stream and building up communities made me want to experience it myself. I just thought to myself that I already spend hours a day gaming, so why not hit that stream button and share my gameplay with others hoping that one day I could reach out to more people.’
Jessica: ‘What are your goals and intentions of streaming?’
Sully: ‘At first my goal was to kind of pave my way into becoming recognized by people considering I love gaming and I’m not really bad at the games I play although I knew it was never going to happen so I just started doing it for fun. But after getting more into the heart of Twitch and discovering/meeting new streamers with supportive communities I learned that streaming isn’t just about sharing my gameplay and getting people to watch, its more about supporting one another and building communities to bring people together, and that’s what I aim for now when I stream. I prefer having 1 viewer who is supportive and interactive in my stream than having hundreds or thousands who don’t support you the way this one viewer does.’
Jessica: ‘What would you tell someone who was looking to start streaming, but didn’t have the confidence.’
Sully: ‘Don’t think, just do it. I always overthink stuff causing me to miss out on certain opportunities, and when I started streaming, I never even used my mic because I was too scared and anxious to be criticized by people watching. Now I use a mic and facecam too, and what got me to this situation is seeing other streamers who overcame certain fears also by streaming, and this goes back to the support of the people in the community’s streamers build. So, my advice to people who are too scared to stream is to just go for it and be patient and brave because you never know what kind of an impact it would make on your life.’

Thank you so much to Sully for allowing me to ask him questions to do with his experiences with gaming as well as growing in confidence, I appreciate it. If you want to see or here more about MrSully11 his links are below:

Instagram: MrSully11/ Twitter: MrSully11/ Twitch: MrSully11

Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

  • Ali Ibrahim says:

    Nice interview! He really seems to love what he’s doing. I hope he reaches his goal and grows bigger!

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