Interview With One Of The Best Ana Players NA

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It has always fascinated the skill difference between players at a higher rank, compared to players just at the average rank that people play at on Overwatch. The grind to become the best really sets in the mindset of someone who is playing at really high rank. But what does it take to become the best of the best, how can you get better at the game and improve? I decided I wanted to interview one of the best Ana’s in Overwatch and here some advice on what they had to say when it comes to climbing the ladder.

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Although, for many players you may think that you are stuck at this dreaded elo hell that you cannot get out of however, it is possible to grind and become the best that you can be. You just need to be able to find the problems and figure out a reasonable solution. You don’t just pick up a controller or get a keyboard and mouse and you are naturally skill at the game, there is no way. You must grind for hours on end to improve yourself. I am talking to Nick, we have spoken to him a little before about his experience with streaming however, I wanted to ask him for advice on how to become better at Overwatch. What he thinks it takes to become the best of the best. Nick was previously a 4500 player who came to PC, looking for a chance to grind to become a Pro. Although, he isn’t signed to a team or scrims at the moment, he is still working on his gameplay to become the best Ana NA. Instantly, taking to keyboard and mouse Nick found himself to Grandmaster where he peaked at 4300, now comes the grind for Top 500.

Jessica: ‘How did you find the game Overwatch?’
Nick: ‘I found the game overwatch from an old friend of mine. I was in summer school at the time and my friend showed me this game when it was still in beta called overwatch. I went home and played it and it was awesome, I played Zwhen the game first came out and loved it.’

Jessica: ‘Why have you been playing it for so long?’
Nick ‘Personally, even though the game is extremely frustrating it’s the only game that is an fps game that has a high standing in competitive gameplay. This is the main reason why I haven’t gone off the game or at least came back after a break.’

Jessica: ‘Who do you main, and how did you choose to main them?’
Nick: ‘Currently I am maining Reinheart and Ana. I main Ana because I believe she is one of the hardest heroes to master and she is extremely fun to play as well. I play Reinheart because he has a very high mind set with countering and landing earth shatters.’

Jessica: ‘What was your favourite competitive season and why?’
Nick: ‘I loved the early days of overwatch. Most likely the best seasons where seasons 2 and 3. I believe these seasons are the best because the coin toss was taken out and improved upon in season 2 and season 3 was when Ana was realized and at that time, I was a reaper main so Beyblade meta was amazing.’

Jessica: ‘What was your season high, and how do you think you managed to climb to that?’
Nick: ‘My season high was 4500 and I believe I hit that high because of my game play on Reinheart at that time I also solo queued that high so I believe it was slightly luck as well.’

Jessica: ‘What was your favourite meta and why?’
Nick: ‘My favourite meta was probably the Ana meta/ Beyblade. I loved Ana’s ultimate back when she came out because Reinhearts or Reapers could tear through the enemy team and destroy the team fight.’

Jessica: ‘What is your least favourite meta and why?’
Nick: ‘My least favorite meta was probably the sniper meta, in about season 10-12 whoever had the better Widowmaker would most likely with the game because of it. I didn’t like this because it took the fun out of playing the game and pushing the whole game to try to kill the Widowmaker.’

Jessica: ‘Have you ever scrimmed?’
Nick: ‘I have scrimmed and I have played full on competitive matching in private lobbies.’

Jessica: ‘Have you ever wanted to go pro or are you trying to?’
Nick: ‘I would maybe like to but at this moment in time I am just trying to be noticed on streaming rather than becoming pro.’

Jessica: ‘What was the hardest thing about transferring to PC?’
Nick: ‘I Think the hardest thing would be controls and being able to multitask with your hand and finger placements. Coming from a controller that is designed to fit your hands and fingers it was a weird transition.’

Jessica: ‘What are you goals with Overwatch?’
Nick: ‘Right now, like I said is just to become good and noticed as streaming I am trying very hard to hit top 500 because I have yet to hit it yet but I believe that I can hopefully this season.’

Jessica: ‘What changes can Blizzard to do to improve Overwatch?’
Nick: ‘I would say that role suggestions and better ques within those selections would help the game because now a lot of people that play tanks or support are being punished because there are too many one trick dps or people that will not switch off dps to win the game. They just want to have fun and don’t care about other people which is what people get mad over.’

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Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

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