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Today I got the opportunity to interview someone I actually know very well, Otactical299 started off being a moderator for my stream (she is still currently one too) we met around February and she honestly is such an inspiring and positive person. Most people refer to Otactical as Laura, Laura inspired me to try a lot of new games and I feel that is why she is such a great streamer to watch.
Her channel is based mainly variety gaming, she plays Minecraft, Overwatch, Apex Legends and even Destiny 2. Her skills in game are very impressive, and her knowledge of the games she plays too is so great to see. Laura moved to PC not too long ago, where she hasn’t always felt comfortable with the switch to keyboard and mouse. Laura often plays PC on controller, and here skills in a game compare to some of the highest keyboard and mouse users.

If you want to check out Laura and her amazing skill in video games you can find her over on twitch at /otactical299. I am super lucky to have been able to interview her today, here are the questions I got to ask Laura:

Jessica: ‘When did you start streaming?’
Laura: ‘I started streaming in November 2018 but I didn’t start to stream regularly until February 2019.’
Jessica: ‘What inspired you too start streaming?’
Laura: ‘Well I’ve been gaming for most of my life and I wanted to share my gaming experience with people also watching other streamer also inspired me to start streaming’
Jessica: ‘What is the goal of your stream?’
Laura: ‘I enjoy gaming a lot and want others to enjoy it as well’
Jessica: ‘Have you experienced any negativity during streams?’
Laura: ‘I have I’ve had people come into my stream and just be rude to me and ignore my mods when they are trying to solve the problem.’
Jessica: ‘What is your favourite game to stream and why?’
Laura: ‘My favourite game to stream is probably Minecraft because I can focus on chat more when I play this compared to some others.’
Jessica: ‘What is your favourite game to play and why? If it doesn’t match with the favourite game to stream why is that?’
Laura: ‘My favourite game to play would be apex. I’ve grown up playing fps games and I just enjoy playing them and I enjoy it because it’s a battle royal game. I also like that I can play it with friends. It isn’t my favourite game to stream because you have concentrated on the game a lot since it’s a fast pace fps game and I don’t get to read chat as much as like to.’
Jessica: ‘What is your opinion on Esports?’
Laura: ‘I think Esports are great they help to expand the gaming community and help to market games that have Esports events.’
Jessica: ‘Would you ever want to become a ‘pro’ player?’
Laura: ‘I would not want to become a pro player because I just don’t think that would be for me.’
Jessica: ‘How has gaming positively impacted you as a person?’
Laura: ‘It has helped me with my anxiety and talking to people because I’m quite a shy person and streaming has help me open up and talk a lot more to people.’

Thank you to Laura for giving me the opportunity to talk to you about streaming and video games, it is a pleasure to hear about the positive impact it has had. And also seeing you grow and become more confident honestly is something so inspiring to me. If anyone reads this feeling like you want to become a streamer, honestly go for it. You will not regret it; it builds your confidence so much.

If you want to find Laura head over to her socials:

If you want to find Laura head over to her socials:

Twitch – otactical299
Instagram – @otactical299 – she posts some awesome clips from Overwatch on there!

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Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

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