Interview With Overwatch Players

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In a world of online gaming, there are various ways to enjoy games, taking the casual approach and just playing a game for fun is really enjoyable and often lead to great experiences and feelings about the game. But what if the game is more competitive or has a game mode which has competitive aspects to it which you really enjoy however you feel like the competitive side of the game doesn’t feel fair.

Above: A ranked competitive game
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Overwatch has been with us since 2016, shortly after the release came the competitive game mode, this allowed players to rank up skill level. We are currently at the competitive season 16, it started at 1 and had a different approach back then to what it does now. Competitive back in season 1 was ranked out of 100, now it is out of 5000 and there are several different ranks you can hit for example:
⦁ Bronze
⦁ Silver
⦁ Gold
⦁ Platinum
⦁ Diamond
⦁ Master
⦁ Grandmaster
⦁ Top 500 (is the top 500 players in the region)

However, some players are not particularly happy with the current state of Overwatch and feels that there might be improvements that can be made. Which will make the competitive aspect of the game more enjoyable.

I decided to ask a group of players what their thoughts of the current state of Overwatch are, and how they think it can be improved.

Q: ‘What issues do you have with the current state of competitive play in Overwatch?’
Sky responded with: ‘First of all the issue might be the unbalance aspect in competitive such as smurfs, low rank players which are actually high level people etc.’
Zorak’s response was: ‘Onetricks are a huge issue when it comes to competitive play in Overwatch, using the same hero and not picking any other, even when the hero you have picked isn’t working this is a huge issue that needs to be resolved.’
Turbanzz responded with: ‘My problem with comp is just the attitude people bring to it. Like we all want to win. To be constructive instead of causing tension. Honestly the problem I think just lies in the way people mature, no one can be an adult and try to pull together to win.’
Gale gave his opinion about the competitive game mode saying: ‘I think the competitive play in overwatch is fundamentally flawed because of how players think. You’ll get someone who thinks ‘I’m better than this person at dps so if anyone should switch it’s them’ This leads to comps with 3 or 4 dps without a main tank and one healer. This will obviously lead to a loss and people who actually played with the team will lose sr for something that’s not their fault.’
Solutions to the problem with competitive;
Q: ‘How do you think competitive play can be improved?’
Sky said, ‘It can be improved by having smaller teams in my opinion so they will have to be more cooperative with each other also it will enable groups to find matches easier.’
Turbanzz gave us his opinion on improving it, ‘…But game wise, I don’t really know what can changed. One tricks will always be there but like some people are really not good at flexing. And smurfs will always be around. It’s tough.’
Gale told us how he thinks competitive can be improved: ‘I think the solution to this is locked 2 2 2. This may take a few balance changes but it will eliminate this and other problems such as 3 3.’
Q: ‘How do I think it can be improved?’
My opinion: ‘I have been playing the game since the release, competitive didn’t really feel bad until people started to take it seriously. Then it suddenly became the game mode where people saw others enjoyed it, but would tilt if they had throwers and leavers. So, others would intentionally lose the game or troll. This is when the game began to get more and more toxic to a point where people made memes about the competitive system. However, if you have a good team that coordinates and you still lose, you don’t feel that bad if you lose. It is just the negativity that brings the game mode down. How this can be improved, is by having phone verification where people cannot make another account without another phone number. This may make the toxicity of the game mode dramatically decrease.’

To conclude, Overwatch is such a great game, and has so many unique features that other games never even could come up with. It has a great community however it just needs little tweaks to make the state of the game improve making the competitive aspect more fun. Hopefully, soon we may see some changes, Jeff Kaplan did mention recently that the game would be seeing some huge changes in the near future. So, join the rebellion in the hope that these changes will be focused towards the competitive game mode.

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Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

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