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This week’s interview is a little different, it will be viewing an interview that was between and Overwatch League player named ZachaREEE. Some of you may know him, others may have no clue who he is. Where I came across ZachaREEE was interestingly enough not from the Overwatch League itself but from the Overwatch World Cup. The Overwatch World Cup is just as popular, if not more popular than the OWL itself, this is down to actually being able to support your own country. A lot of fans get invest in the OWWC and a lot of fans expect a lot from the players participating in the tournament. This brings us to ZachaREEE, making his way through contenders as star dps player he found himself on the bench for the Overwatch World Cup for the USA, however switches were made to the roster which brought ZachaREEE on the main stage. Main stage didn’t go too well for ZachaREEE and he and fans felt he underperformed, labelling him as a thrower. ZachaREEE even went to Twitter to post a remark on the Overwatch World Cup however it has been deleted, probably due to his signing with the Dallas Fuel. He went onto say that he basically threw the world cup. In an interview Overwatch Score had with Zacharee here is what they talked about:

Above: Zach in Dallas Fuel Jersey
Image Source: Overwatch League

“Q: You’re one of the youngest players on the team, you’re one of the youngest players in the league. You’re still in high school, doing your classes online. How would you describe yourself now that you’re in the overwatch league?

Zach: It’s a bit stressful as I have a lot of time management, I’m still in high school. We have our practice schedule, then I go back to my apartment and do homework. You have to keep up with social media, it’s really stressful, but it’s really enjoyable. Because it’s what I’ve been working towards for the past two years since they teased Overwatch League being a thing. Back then I wanted just go in and do it, but they told me I was too young. So I had to keep playing for two years and get in. It’s really satisfying, but not easy.

Q: You’ve been playing overwatch esports since the start, obviously with Contenders, now able to get into the League. Is the transition smooth or has it been a bit tough?

Zach: I’m used to playing with all the players in the league, so it’s nothing crazy for me. It’s just a different kind of play style, teams adapt faster, and it’s best for a one dimensional [type] of play, unlike contenders. Specifically, Stage 1 on control maps, we saw on Nepal, we’ll see teams walk out see the other teams comp and swap. You can tell all the teams, all the players are smart, everyone knows what they’re doing. It’s just something you’ve got to keep up with.

Q: It’s been a long time coming to get into Overwatch League, now that you’re here, what’s the mark you want to leave?

Zach: I just want to consistently show up and just prove people, well not prove people wrong. I don’t take any offense to anyone’s negative comments, but I just want to do better than everyone.

Q: Feel any pressure from wanting to be number 1? Pressure to perform?

Zach: I don’t feel that much pressure to perform because at the base its a team game. Not super individual right now. My focus right now is to be cool, calm and able to read the situations. I don’t feel an immense pressure to pop off or anything, cause it’s a different type of meta. But if it [were] a more dive centric meta or DPS centric meta, I’d feel a bit more pressure to pop off. But it usually doesn’t get to me when I’m in that situation.

Q: Now that we’re in this meta, you’re obviously on Brigette a lot. Do you feel like you’re restricted to play that one character? Is there more that you could show off on? Or are you comfortable in that role?

Zach: Well I mean I’d like to show off on other stuff and flex on people with my hero pool with my star power potential. But right now Brig is extremely strong, and GOATS is extremely strong with the three-three meta. So right now I’m just playing Brig because she is a necessary piece of the puzzle for the comp, so I’m kind of playing with her, I feel very comfortable with her. But I’d want to flex on others.

Q: How do you feel that now that you’ve overcome the trash talk, especially thrown at you guys by Carpe? Do you have anything to say back?

Zach: Personally, I wasn’t really into the trash talk. It was more of a personal thing about me, I was on Fusion Uni, and I wanted to be on the main team. In practice back when I was doing Uni versus Fusion. I just really wanted to show that we’re a good team.

Q: Now that you’re on Dallas though, does it feel like a good fit for you?

Zach: I think I fit really nice into the team.

Q: How do you think Dallas is going to perform this Season?

Zach: I’m not positive, because [the] meta changes, but as long as everyone stays cool, calm and motivated; I think we’ll definitely have a good play-off run.” – OverwatchScore

Since being signed to the Dallas Fuel Zach has made vast improvements in not only his gameplay but his stage presents. Dating back from the Overwatch World Cup where Zach must have felt completely out of his depths when it came to the entire arena. Being in front of a huge audience like that for one of the first times and also having an entire country look up to you and want you to win must have been super daunting. But for now, Dallas Fuel have taken Zach under their wing and nurtured him into the great player he is. We are not only seeing Zach grow and improve but Dallas Fuel as a whole. Winning their last two games, at their home town has really stepped up Dallas to be a real contender for the Overwatch League Champion Season 2. We wish ZachaREEE all the beset in his future career as part of the Dallas Fuel and hopefully they get the win this year, continuing to grow and improve!

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Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

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