Interview With Valkyrae

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Valkyrae, whose real name is Rachel, is a variety streamer who has grown on Twitch streaming various different games. Predominantly Bloodborne and The Walking Dead, but when Fortnite picked up she jumped onboard. With the huge influx of Fortnite, Valkyrae saw massive growth. Her Twitch account has over 700,000 followers with over 4000 subscribers. On Instagram, she has over 1.3 Million followers.

When she began gaming, YouTube gaming was her primary platform. Bloodborne and The Walking Dead was where she grew her following. Now with that huge following, she is inspiring to women in the gaming community.

Above: Valkyrae
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Q: ‘Tell us a little about yourself, how did you get into Fortnite?’
Valkyrae: ‘I was a variety streamer and had been streaming full-time for around three years. I just saw that it was picking up, Fortnite, and I decided to try it out because everyone was so addicted to it, then I got addicted to it. So yeah the growth has been insane since then.’

Q: ‘We are here at the Pro-AM; who are you playing against, what are you excited about for the Pro-AM?’
Valkyrae: ‘Uh well I am playing against a lot of big names, but I’m playing with Mirta beats he’s a producer and he’s worked with Drake before so it’s a little nerve-wracking just being around these crazy celebrities but I’m just excited that it’s for charity.’

Q: ‘For first time Fortnite players or people who want to get to your level in Fortnite, what tips could you give them?’
Valkyrae: ‘Um well first times players, my advice would be to never stop moving, always build when someone shoots at you because that’s the first thing you want to do is protect yourself and you know obviously you want to practice your aim.’

It is great to see such a successful female streamer who has made it in the pro gaming world. Esports is often very male-driven so it’s great to see female gamers and streamers making great progress in the pro gaming scene. We hope it encourages more to follow! Valkyrae has always had a keen interest in gaming whilst working with a gaming company, she quit her job and decided to become a live streamer.

Staying True and Famous Friends!

With the earnings that Valkyrae has made she was able to pay off her mother’s debts! Whilst Valkyrae often still plays Fortnite on Twitch we’re sure any game she streamed would be successful!

Valkyrae not only streams solo games, she also teams up with pro players and other big streamers and she has been seen teaming up for a few games with streamers like Myth, Pokimane, Sonii and Alexia Raye.

We wish Valkyrae the best on her future endeavours and good luck with getting her victory royales.

If you want to check out Valkyrae, head over to You’ll be in great company!

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Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

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