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Wendi is a streamer who is someone who has inspired me for a very long time. With her bubbly personality, to her optimism and positivity is really what we need more of in the Twitch community. She has managed to gain a following of almost one thousand on her twitch channel WendiixD. This is who we will be interviewing today.

Jessica: ‘What inspired you to start streaming?’
Wendi: ‘I actually started streaming when a guy I liked in high school showed me it. He was a speed runner, and I really loved connecting with everyone in one little area.’
Jessica: ‘What are the goals of your stream and do you inspire to become partner one day?’
Wendi: ‘The goals for my stream is to grow a loving community. I want to spread positive energy around, and make sure everyone has a safe place to go to talk about topics that they may not want to talk about in person, to other friends. I want everyone to feel loved when they enter.’
Jessica: ‘What kind of games do you enjoy playing?’
Wendi: ‘I really enjoy most games, but more along the FPS side. I do love a game with a very strong story, because it encompasses you and really brings you into the game creating an experience for the gamer. Fps on the other hand is very skill based, and i’d like to get better at them but it all takes practice.’
Jessica: ‘Has streaming helped you grow or develop as a person?’
Wendi: ‘Streaming has helped me grow as a person. It helps me understand that people you meet online can have the same effect on you as people you meet in person. Emotions are still very strong through talking with someone. Some of my closest friends are people I’ve met online.’
Jessica: ‘Has any life changing experiences happened to you while streaming?’
Wendi: ‘I have had one experience that changed me. I was running low on money and I was in a really tight spot and Malcreado, a viewer I met through JimEnglish’s stream came by and had donated a whopping 2,000$ which helped me so much in the situation I was in. I am still forever great full for what he did, but it inspires me to one day spread the love the way he did.’
Jessica: ‘What are your opinions on the Twitch algorithm, do you think discoverability is hard’
Wendi: ‘To be honest about it, I don’t really pay attention to it. Being discovered is quite hard for smaller streamers only because some streamers get put up there for their viewer count. I try not to keep track of the number of viewers I have. I simply want everyone who joins my stream even just for a moment, to feel like they are welcomed.’
Jessica: ‘What are your opinions involving Esports?’
Wendi: ‘Esports are pretty intense. I think they are onto big things by broadcasting them online or on television. It is also nice to see how the Pro Player plays, many people I have talked to have watched pros play and learned a lot of things about the game they didn’t know.’
Jessica: ‘Are you an avid watcher of Esports, or is it something that doesn’t really interest you?’
Wendi: ‘I am not an avid watcher, but I do enjoy watching for skills. I learn the skills that I am lacking to input them into the game to make my skill level a little higher. It is a good way to learn from mistakes that I make during a game’
Jessica: ‘If you ever got the opportunity would you want to become a ‘pro’ gamer?’
Wendi: ‘I would LOVE to be a pro gamer. Jobs always have their up and downs though. I may love it for a hobby a little bit more vs having it as a full-time job.’
Jessica: ‘Do you ever think that streaming will die down to a point where it becomes none existant or do you think that it will grow and change to become something better?’
Wendi: ‘I think streaming can only get bigger. Television now is dying out and I think it’ll slowly merge to streaming online. It can become something better but it has to have strong regulations otherwise I can see it getting out of hand pretty quickly.’
Jessica: ‘Have you ever considered not streaming? If you have what stopped you?’
Wendi: ‘I have considered not streaming, there are days where I really don’t have the energy to stream but I would feel like i’d be disappointing quite a few people if i were to just disappear.’
Thank you so much Wendi for taking your time to be interviewed. Thank you for inspiring so many in your community to be positive, and just making your viewers hearts warm. If you want your day to be made, go check out Wendi’s stream at
You can also find her on her social medias:
Wendi’s Photography Instagram

Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

Above: Wendii
Image Source: Instagram

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