John Wicks House In Fortnite

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Let me take you back to the time that I joined in on the Fortnite craze, don’t get me wrong the game was great especially playing it with friends. I jumped on the band wagon of buying the Battle Pass and grinding to tier 100, oh trust me it was a grind and a half. Back in season 3 the Battle Pass released and what was tier 100 was a skin that may have looked familiar to the fans of a certain franchise.

What was the tier 100 reward was a skin called The Reaper, although that doesn’t directly link to anything. The look of the skin clearly referred to John Wick, with the beard and facial expression and suit however nothing ever got confirmed until recently.

Above: Wicks Bounty
Image Source: Twitter @FortTory

With the latest update coming to Fortnite with season 9, Paradise Palms changed a portion of the map, it introduced a mansion that looks very similar to whoever has watched John Wick. Not only the look of it, but in the basement is a chest which refers to John Wicks house stash, this is where he keeps a large amount of his weapons. Not only that but data miners managed to find limited time events that referred to John Wick. Although nothing has been confirmed maybe soon, we may hear more about this event since: John Wick 3 releases on May 17th in cinemas. So, for now nothing is confirmed about the house name or the character or even the challenges, but I am pretty sure we will hear something soon enough.

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Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

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