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Fran Beauchamp by Dart Frog | 1 Comment | June 10, 2019
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There should be a drinking game where every mention of ‘dystopian’, ‘monsters’ or ‘apocalyptic’ gets you a pint. At my age I’d spend all show in the traps but I’d definitely avoid all references to the unoriginal stuff. So without further ado, get your eyes around this little lot, and barely a zombie in site.

Show me the games!!

So having a real job makes it tough, but there have been some great little teasers come out of E3. Let’s start with Midnight Ghost Hunt. The idea of a half round switch up is interesting, that and the fact I can pretend to be a lamp. I’ve got a friend who makes everyone wait in spawn for a plan in CS: GO while he secretly tops up his wine. This will be perfect! Never mind that you can attack someone with upholstery….sofa so good!

Please be Gang Beasts, please be Gang Beasts……..Knockout!

Chivalry 2 looks like it will do its bit for amputation games. I should write something about serious online competition and the 64 player carnage you can inflict, but I’ll end up trying to recreate Monty Python scenes. For those of you too young to remember Monty Python, I’ll give you a clue, he wasn’t a posh male stripper.

That said, Planet Zoo looks decent. I loved ‘We Bought a Zoo’ or ‘Bourne Zoology’ to give it it’s working title. I like escapism stuff but only for so long. Give me a prison cell and a comfy blanket and I’d be back in time for roll call. I will definitely be buying this one, then within an hour I’ll be bored and trying to get chimps and hippos to mate. Chippopotamus, can anyone do better?

Lego Forza (Horizon 4) has more than a whiff of Trackmania about it but bluntly that makes me want it even more. I’ve never been able to tweak suspension or whack some nizmo fired sunroof on to sneak a win, but I do love a race. Maybe it’s my SuperSprint and Skidmarks pedigree, but foot down, unreal racing is where it’s at!

A forced crossover next with Thanos snapping his fingers in what looks like a stunning intro to Ghostwire Tokyo. Just hoping this remains as absorbing when we get to actually play it. With Tango Gameworks, the team behind ‘The Evil Within 1/2’ behind it, this could go either way.

 I’ll finish up with Fifa 20. It doesn’t give away a lot other than I’ll be getting angry upon release as another 12-year-old jinks past me whilst I mash the sprint button wondering why I can’t tackle.

What are you looking forward to? What did I miss?

Old Age Gamer

  • JD says:

    It’s got a bit of a beasting but I reckon Avengers looks pretty good. Sure, it’s not the same actors and it feels a little bit more hammy than the only sandwich I can order in French, but pretty good looking nonetheless.

    Moving across the channel, which feels apt, here’s Watch Dogs : Legion. So given this feels a little rinse and repeat like a recurrent Timotei advert, why do I like it? Honestly, because London looks pretty good. LA this, San Andreas that….this is GTA London with a bit of extra ‘anonymous’ thrown in. Enjoy!

    Deathloop looks interesting, not sure how the mechanics would work, and I’m awaiting a Bill Murray cameo. I hope they don’t focus on the ‘jedi powers’ that they hint at. We’ll see!

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