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Sharing advice and experiences is the best way to grow and understand. More and more people want to take the opportunity to try out the world of streaming but have no idea where to start. When it comes to streaming you are often bombarded and overwhelmed by so many different options and choices to make. From what game to stream, to when to stream, to what to name your stream and what tags to use. Having the opportunity to hear peoples opinions and advice who are in a similar boat to you really helps.
This is why we decided to speak to various different streamers who are in a similar place, or who have experienced the struggle.

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Two particular streamers we choice to speak to include:

RipSnort89 – He is a top 500 Ana main, previously a console streamer but moved to PC. He has been streaming for a couple of months. Nick currently averages 14 viewers, and has amassed near to 150 followers in the short time he has been streaming. He wanted to share his opinion and advice on how he grew his stream in a short period of time.

Psychotik_HD – Leo is a Destiny streamer and has currently being streaming for almost 4 years, his dedication to streaming and his determination is inspiring. In his time streaming he has had a lot of experiences. Leo has managed to gain almost 1000 followers in the time he has been streaming. Leo wanted to give others an understanding of how to grow in streaming as well as what to expect.

‘What advice would you give to someone who have just started streaming?’

Ripsnort89: “Streaming isn’t for everyone, it takes a lot of time to build up a community, but people succeed because it’s what they want to do and what they love. When you first start out your main goal should be to get above 5 viewers. Also, you will need to understand streaming isn’t a sprint it will take months even years for you to build a community up. But if you keep at it and keep doing what you love then success will follow.”

Psychotik_HD: “Have fun, don’t focus on the viewers or on what’s popular. Play what you enjoy and people will come.”

Zoner2015: “BE YOURSELF!!! You won’t get anywhere being someone you’re not. You’ll face hardships and periods where you want to give up but keep going, you’ll get to your dreams and goals eventually.”

‘How do you keep motivated to stream?’

Ripsnort89: “How I keep motivated is the people that I have grown close to in stream and out of stream. Just having that slight motivation helps me a lot. If I miss a stream that I was scheduled to do then it might be bad to some people. I have had times where people have had an awful day and they come to my stream to cheer up because my chat is so friendly, and I am so supportive. If I wasn’t live that day, then they may have had a worse day because I didn’t stream.”

Psychotik_HD: “Friends are a key factor to why I keep streaming, growth hasn’t been easy there is no doubt about that. However, meeting new people and being able to share my experience with others is really something that keeps me motivated to keep going and strive for something greater.”

Self-doubt will always try and bring us down and drown us with an overwhelming thought of giving up. However, having the positivity within yourself and having a positive community or friend group behind you will motivate you to carry on.

So, keep streaming, even when the hard days look like the only days, there will be a light you just have to switch it on yourself!

Content creator – Jessica Clarke – Dart Frog GG

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