Fran Beauchamp by Dart Frog | 0 Comments | February 11, 2019
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 Above: Hytale zone (left) & Player and creature (right)

Image source: Hytale

The world allows the player to; explore masses of landscapes, encountering different enemies, wildlife and buildings. The adventure mode is playable in co-op allowing players to play with friends to explore the worlds. The world is split into various zones which feature unique wildlife and creatures who guard very powerful gear in game. If you are a player who doesn’t like to explore and would rather create buildings and care for animals and nature, this game also enables this type of playstyle. The game also includes features which allows the inclusions of competitive play. With an anti-cheat system to make multiplayer more fair and fun; tools which enable minigame creators to have more freedom, control over camera positions, game assets and basic mechanics.

Above: Creature concept piece

Image Source: Hytale

The feature I am most excited about is the modelling and animation tools – using browser-based tools to allow players to customize characters and items then import them into Hytale itself. The game will also include in-game scripting meaning that you can write and run your own game scripts in game allowing the world to transform around you.

I cannot wait for the Beta of this game to be released, we will sure follow up on the in-game experience of Hytale. I’m sure the work Hypixel Studios will pay off! 

Written by Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer Intern for Dart Frog Gaming

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