Lightning Pandas Cease Operations

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With the Esports scene being so competitive, and players being switched from here and there. It comes with organisations with not as much funding as the bigger ones there will reach a point where they can no longer coincide with each other. Effective on the 18th April Lightning Pandas announced that they would be ceasing operations.

Above: Lightning Pandas Logo
Image Source: Global eLeagues

The organisation made a name for its appealing branding and the colours and style that it depicted. The focus of the organisation being Call of Duty Esports, however they saw little success. Yet 2014 is when it all changed, the team of Lightning Pandas qualified for the 2014 Call of Duty championships through the Russian qualifiers. The team although has had many ups and down with the world of Esports, managed to merge with a YouTubers led team called the TYT Esports. They reached many success’ however the time came for Lightning Pandas.

On Twitter on the Lightning Pandas account, it was tweeted,
‘Mr Stark, I don’t feel so good…’ Linking to a TwitLonger post explaining the entire situation. The organisation said it was due to ‘the impending cost of franchising and other internal factors,’ would be the reason for the organisation’s departure from Esports.
Call of Duty was one of the main goals with the organisation. Since 2017, the Lightning Pandas achieved success in in FIFA and Fortnite. Although, it seemed like a rebellion for the organisation to go against the Call of Duty roots, they team found success in Fortnite after their US player brought back $30,000 worth of winnings, this player being yoyokeepitup otherwise known as Alex Rickert. He benefited from a last-minute rule change, which could have implemented his success.

In another post, Lightning Pandas tweeted,
‘Thanks for the memories.’

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Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

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