Huge McCree Buff

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With the Anniversary hype surrounding the Overwatch community. A sneaky little patch has made its way to the PTR (Public Testing Region) which could change the Meta as we currently know it. As the three, three meta or otherwise known as GOATS comp is dominant in match-making as well as in Pro level games. There is no surprise that we are seeing more and more changes to certain characters. Although the Meta changed slightly with the Bunker comp being played more, these including the characters listed:

⦁ Bastion
⦁ Orisa
⦁ Roadhog
⦁ Another DPS or healer
⦁ Baptiste
⦁ Ana

It still wasn’t enough to counter the GOATS that we see in our competitive matches today. This brings us to the latest update to the PTR. D.Va is receiving one hell of a nerf, which may shock a lot of D.Va players. Her Defence matrix distance will be reduced from 15metres to 10metres. What does this mean exactly? This basically means that D.Va is going to have to be a whole lot closer to the enemy if she wants to eat any bullet or an ultimate. Meaning with a barraging Pharah she would have to fly close to her to eat the bullets, which doesn’t exactly work if you are caught in a Graviton Surge.

Above: McCree Royale Skin
Image Source: AltChar

With nerf after nerf hitting one of the players favourite off tanks, there is no surprise that a counter to Pharah is receiving a buff which may see this hero dominate our matchmaking games. McCree’s fire rate for his Peacekeeper is increasing. Meaning that he will be outputting a lot more damage which will also decrease his time to kill. As McCree players are easily punished for being out of position, this buff seems to be heading in the right direction and may be able to stop the GOATS meta as the buff seems to destroy any hero that crosses paths with him.

Only time will tell if these changes make it to the live server but for now, you can see the changes on the Public Testing Region.

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Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

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