Mental Health And Being A Pro Player

Jessica Clarke by Jessica Clarke | 0 Comments | April 27, 2019
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When you play a game for so long or you get frustrated of losing constantly, there is a point where you can tell yourself to step back and come back to it when you are ready too. However, that isn’t the case when you are gaming in front of an arena full of 10,000 people with over 200,000 watching you live right now online. When the frustration hits that maybe your team is getting rolled, and you just want to take a break but you must keep your composure and continue it can be really hard. Recently, we have been hearing about a lot of pro players quitting from the Overwatch League; some feeling burnt out on the game others having problems down to their mental health. But it helps us all release that Pro gamers, are the same as us, you may feel why would they not enjoy a game when they’ve gained so much money and popularity? Because the frustrations of the way a map plays out or the way a mechanic has worked, or maybe that buff to a hero has pushed them to a point where we all reach too.

It is good to open up and talk about mental health, especially when it is someone of influence. When people heard about Dafrans shock exit from the Overwatch League, he was open to all his fans about why he left. He had talked about mental health problems in the past, recently mentioning it in stage one as well. It is good for Pros to not cloud the negative or real experiences they had when being in that situation because it allows us to be able to connect with them and feel like we are all on the same level.

Cocco, one of Dallas Fuels tank players who turned to assistant coaching, simply put out that ‘I don’t think Overwatch is really for me anymore,’ in no way did he bash the game or blame anything to do with his situation, he just simply explained that there comes a point where you will get burnt out of a game from playing it too much.

A DPS player for the Toronto Defiant known as Stellar, told his fans in a post on Facebook that he was retiring due to “some personal stress issues from mentally and general lifestyle wise,” he even mentioned a point where he was suffering with self-harm and had thoughts of suicide. Of course, we don’t know the whole situation with Stellar but knowing that he was so open about it and having the strength and courage to step forward about it, even giving up his dream of playing in the league to help himself. Will help people suffering with the same issues come forward, it is a normal situation, and will not be looked down upon. Stellar also said that he is getting help, and hopes to start streaming again in the future.

Being in the lime light for so long, having thousands of people judge your every move must be such a daunting thing to experience. But being open about situations to fans, lets them realise that we are all human at the end of the day. And we want to be happy. So never be scared to open up about issues that you might be going through, because there are always people there to help.

Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

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