Minecraft – And Why It’s Still Popular Now!

Fran Beauchamp by Dart Frog | 0 Comments | April 20, 2019
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Minecraft has been a game played throughout many years being a popular game for not only younger players but for players of various ages. The game was released back in May 2009, making this year its 10th anniversary and the game has seen no decline in its player base. But what makes the game so popular? From any platform, Minecraft has sold over 150million of its copies. The game is popular on not only PC but also console too.
The game allows you to express yourself freely, and create whatever you can imagine. From the offset Minecraft is very simple. From the way people join a sever and instantly know what to do without being told what to do. It is a very easy game to follow and enjoy.

Within the game there are various aspects you can actually proceed onwards with the game, from building, to creating a faction, to just battling people. There are so many different ways to play the game that people like that type of way to play. That then brings us to the calming nature of the game, simulation games in themselves are known to be relaxing if that’s the intention. However, Minecraft’s art style, gameplay and even the sounds are just so minimal that you do not feel like you are trying to process so many things at once when you are playing the game.
I went to asked people’s opinions on the game within Discord sever, of people who are new and also veteran players of the game; what makes it so fun for them?
Lucas had this to say about the game ‘The freedom of creativity with no hard-set boundaries but it’s not without work you can’t just build you have to get the materials and fight the monsters.’
John said ‘There’s lots of different game modes and mods which make the game engaging and fun, because there are so many different ways to play it.’
Collin is a newer player to Minecraft ‘I never played Minecraft and just started last week and it was so fun and relaxing!’
Sully is an avid Minecraft player and had this to say ‘I started playing Minecraft way back on Xbox 360 when the game was still new and it was one of the games I played online where it made me meet new people and it was a super fun experience. The game then started reaching many different platforms which made the game gain more popularity and then I started playing with friends on pocket edition Minecraft which was also fun. Not just that but it was always fun for me to build some stuff or even just mess around and kill time when I have nothing to do. Now I went back to playing the game on pc since I’m kind of getting tired of all the other games so I just find Minecraft a chill game to play and kill time with friends while having a good time.’
The game is always one of the top games to be streamed, for me I feel like that is because there are just so many ways to play the game that it never really gets ‘old’, there are always ways to create ‘new’ content within Minecraft. Even now, after reaching nearly ten years the game is still going strong and growing a player base rapidly.

Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

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