Minecraft Tenth Anniversary

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In a few days it will be the 10th anniversary of Minecraft, the first version of Minecraft released on the 17th May and since then it changed the face of gaming. A map has been released to commemorate the 10 years of Minecraft. The map is a theme park and museum which was put together by the builders at BlockWorks.

Above: Minecraft Anniversary
Image Source: Minecraft.net

What this map entails is the history of the game, you will find Easter eggs exploring the place, as well as puzzles and many other interactive things to do. Not only that but you will find every block and every creature displayed in the place, even a minecart to explore in. The place is vast and will bring back a lot of memories to fans of Minecraft.

Announcements are also expected to be made on the 17th May, it is said what we expect is something better than a huggable creeper.

The base game of Minecraft has been reduced by 50% and other items in the shop by 10%. What you may also see is the fact that Minecraft merchandise has also been discounted too. You can also download the map over at minecraft.net.

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Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

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