More John Wick Content Leaked In Fortnite

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With the imminent arrival of the John Wick movie, we found more evidence that there is going to be a John Wick event in Fortnite. What does John Wick have to do with Fortnite? The same as the Avengers! Absolutely nothing! Epic Games wanted to implement some cool skins and a new event for fans of the franchise.

Previously we’d mentioned, that the house of John Wick had featured on Fortnite, but it wasn’t directly identified. Now we have seen more and more evidence piling up to support the potential incoming John Wick event. You thought you had seen a John Wick skin in Fortnite with the previous season 3 Battle Pass. Unlocked after completing all 100 tiers of the battle pass! Dataminers have now been able to find a John Wick skin within Fortnite and we must say, it’s pretty epic.

Above: John Wick Skin Fortnite Leak
Image Source: pcgamer

A user on Twitter Lucas7yoshi_ found these images of the new skin and it looks a lot more like the character, a huge improvement on the previous ‘The Reaper’ skin in season 3. Complimenting that might we be getting this epic skin, a damaged variant of the skin? Let’s hope so!

Above: Damage variant of the John Wick Skin
Image Source: pcgamer

Although, nothing has been confirmed yet, in the coming weeks we are sure of the fact that Epic Games will join the rebellion in sharing this information about all this John Wick content hidden in the files of its game.

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Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

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